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    Hello friends!!!
     I am using J2EE for deploying the Enterprise Beans.I have a problem in running the userconfig.bat file. I have set the various paths for JAVA_HOME, J2EE_CLASSPATH and J2EE_HOME respectively as shown below:

    set J2EE_CLASSPATH=C:\inetDriver\Opta2000.jar
    set JAVA_HOME=C:\jdk1.2.2
    set J2EE_HOME=C:\j2sdkee1.2.1

    But when I am running the j2ee.bat file, it gives me the following messages:

    Out of environment space
    Out of environment space
    Out of environment space
    Bad command or file name

    Please help me in finding the solution for this.


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    either your machine is not NT or u must speccify the path of j2sdkee.jar into class path
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    Folllowing the process to increase your enviornment space in dos prompt.

    First of all you go to command prompot & click on the icon of Msdos prompt on the title bar of the command prompt. Then click on properties. Then click on Memory button. Click on Initial Enviornment. It will be auto. Change it to 4096. and click on Apply. Restart your pc to get this change effective.
    Good Luck.
    Take care

    Its Uday Chovatiya
    Cogniant Inc.
    Ney York
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    I did as u had mentioned and the J2EE Server has started functioning. I am very grateful to u for the help extended to me.

    I may require ur help in the future regarding the deployment of EJBs. I hope u don't mind.

    My email-id is shibinr at yahoo dot com

    Once again, Thank U very much....

    Take care.

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    Thanx very much Samir, for the help....