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        I am starting to like JSF. But I want to know the following.

        Where is the contoller in a JSF application, is it the Managed Bean???? or a Backing Bean?

        Should I put my Business Delegate on a Managed Bean? or in a Backing Bean? What is the difference?

        Can anyone tell?.

        I would like to know JSF Best Practices? Blueprints?.



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    i will introduce myself so that you consider if my advices are enough fiable.

    i have been deploying in jsf since july without any tutor, i have just used de tutorial of Sun (i recommend it!).

    What i have understood is that you have to use a backing bean, not a managed one.

    i will explain some advices that were difficult to me to understand.

    you may consider on putting and getting objects and values in session and request context so that you avoid params.

    i recommend on administrate db connections with jsf configurations and avoid to manage them in code, so it is probably that you lose connections and your db does not close them. For example if you use PostgreSQL as us.

    the most importat thing is that if you want to treat events you may consider de "phase event". In practice we had take an object at the first phase and send it to the last one (sorry but i do not remember names).

    if you want to implement format validators you may consider on take the example of Sun and implement it. it considers formats taking 'A' to char, '9' to digit and '#' to char or digit. Since it is not the best way to create formats we made an additional compare with regular expresions inserted in a properties file.

    i do not know what blueprints are, or if do i do not undertand the meaning of it (you can test that my english is not enough good).

    Well, i expect it help you.

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    Here I have documented some JSF best practices which I have followed.