Eliminate The Complexities Of Middle Tier With TierDeveloper 4.0


Industry news: Eliminate The Complexities Of Middle Tier With TierDeveloper 4.0

  1. Map, generate, and maintain 50% of your .NET application code, namely your business and data objects. Use these objects in ASP.NET, Windows Forms, console or services applications.

    Business and Data Objects Framework

    Map objects to relational databases
    --- Embed SQL, stored procedure calls, and business rules
    --- Generate .NET components in C# and VB.NET
    --- Use components in your own high-traffic custom applications

    Powerful ASP.NET & Windows Forms Applications
    ---- Generate fully working database apps for real-life use
    ---- ASP.NET, Windows Forms, and .NET Remoting client
    ---- Customize GUI layout. Use combo-boxes and more

    Generate code for your own database in trial version
    Please visit www.alachisoft.com for more details
    Free 30 days trial: http://www.alachisoft.com/download.htm
  2. TierDeveloper appears to only support .NET only and no longer supports Java.

    I'd be interested to understand the motivation for dropping Java support - especially since you are targetting Java users with the announcement.


  3. We will support Java in our next version.