steps to use java bean (pls... help me i'v been wtng for long))


Web tier: servlets, JSP, Web frameworks: steps to use java bean (pls... help me i'v been wtng for long))

  1. Hi everybody,

    I am new to this forum. And I need what are the steps to implement java bean methodology.

    I am using javawebserver2.0,jsp,oracle 8.1

    1. i have created file alias in jws2.0
        (myproj -- d://sample/project)
        eg: http://localhost:8080/myproj/index.html

       Generally we have to store the class files in server's
       classes directory. Since i am using file alias where i
       have to store the class files.
    2. Where I have to store the java class files.(I stored the class files in javawebserver's classes directory, but it shows the error class not found in import).

       i am stucked with this problem for several days. I
       couldnt find any solution regarding this from any other
       forum. Pls help me to get a step ahead from this problem

    thanking you
  2. Are you having the problem in the JSP file reading the bean information? Or, are you having problem building a Java Bean? Or are you having a problem populating the bean in a Java method?

    Can you please specify where you are having the problem?