Building Portals with the Java Portlet API - Portlet Life Cycle


News: Building Portals with the Java Portlet API - Portlet Life Cycle

  1. TSS has excerpted a sample chapter from the 'Building Portals with the Java Portlet API' book, by Jeff Linwood and David Minter. The chapter discusses how a portlet interacts with a portal, from initialization to removal, provides examples that walk you through the stages of the portlet life cycle and illustrate the issues of multithreaded portlet applications.

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  2. I downloaded the zip file but it seems the PDF is corrupted.

    Is it ok for you?
  3. Corrupt PDF[ Go to top ]

    I had the same problem just viewing the PDF on-line.

    Kito D. Mann
    Author, JSF in Action - JSF FAQ, news, and info
  4. PDF Fixed[ Go to top ]

    Hey guys,

    Sorry about that. The PDF originally required Adobe 6 to open but it's been reformatted to open in Adobe 4 and up.

    Please let us know if you're still having problems opening it.

  5. PDF corrupted[ Go to top ]

    The downloaded zip file can be extracted, but the extracted PDF file is broken.
  6. re[ Go to top ]

    Hi, Why not try Advanced PDF Repair at ? It recovers several important PDF files for me and is really helpful! Hope this will help. Alan
  7. Hi All,

    Even i wasn't able to download the complete document. The pdf in the zip file contained only six chapters. If anyone of you were able to successfully download the entire document then please share it with me at vs_ashvin at yahoo dot com.

  8. The current Portlet API is a good start, but one of the problems of the current incarnation is actually the lack of lifecycle management for instances of portlets. The current lifecycle only manages the lifecycle of the portlet implementation, whereas I'd really like to see stuff like create/clone/remove added as well, in order to properly handle how physical instances of portlets are handled.

    Pretty much all of our portlets have references to persistent objects, and when a portlet instance is cloned it needs to know this in order to be able to clone the persistent objects and update the references to these objects. Currently that is impossible, but since we wrote the portlet container we added support for it ourselves.
  9. Document not found[ Go to top ]

    Still can't access the document.
  10. Found :)[ Go to top ]

    If you login first and then click on the document link it works.
  11. Everytime a sample chapter or a book is put online, people can get it. I wonder why? Is it the people? or is it the readers?

    Mohd Amin
  12. Well, that seems to be a bug in their software. When you click on the link and get redirected to the login and then get redirected to the chapter, something goes wrong.

    And the comment count is always one too high. A new article has "1 Comments". Who cares anyway...
  13. possbile bug[ Go to top ]

    Sorry to post ist here, but I did not find any place to comment the pdf. On page 89 you mention "The versioning information belongs in the WEB-INF\MANIFEST.MF file in the WAR archive." But I think it must be "... in the META-INF\..."

    I'm interested reading the rest of the book, but amazon tells me it's not published yet :-(

    Best regards,
  14. possbile bug[ Go to top ]

    Yes, that's a typo; we'll make sure that gets listed in the errata.

    I'm expecting to receive my first printed copy today (Jeff had his on Friday), and I believe the publication date is 23rd August, so you shouldn't have much of a wait if you were to order now.

    Alternatively, we've created a site to support the book at and we'll certainly post a notice there as soon as it's published. That site's a little sparse at the moment, but if you have any questions, wishlists, or other feedback, we'll be delighted to start expanding the content.
  15. possbile bug[ Go to top ]

    PHP site for promoting a Java portlet API book while many open source portals are available.... must be a joke !!!! :)
  16. possbile bug[ Go to top ]

    Why's that ?

    JSR168 is a new standard. Portlets are a fairly new technology. There are quite a few open source portals, but a smaller number that fully support JSR 168 right now. The only forum software that I know of which is available as a portlet is the one we create as an example in the book, and that's really not ready for primetime yet, although we're working on that.

    Whereas PostNuke is here right now, and provides the specific functions that we need to promote and support the book.

    Portlets are more versatile, and we obviously believe they have a future. But they are not yet the right software for us to build this site. I don't see any inconsistency here.
  17. possbile bug[ Go to top ]

    I disagree :)

    JSR 168 were released in november 2003 with first compliance announcement made by Sun and eXo platform in december 2003....8 months ago which is long period in our industry.

    The first portlet book was then released on february 2004 (6 months ago :) )and we know many projects using open source portals to build web sites exactly the way you use Postnuke.

    The number of certified Open Source portlets is big too with forum and wiki portlets bundled in each.

    Of course you can use the portal you want but better eat your own dog food!

  18. possbile bug[ Go to top ]

    I think we documented someone else's dogfood ;-)

    Which fully featured JSR168 compliant forum portlet(s) would you recommend ? I've evidently missed a trick here - if you can suggest one or more to take for a test drive, I'll give them a whirl and a write up.

  19. PHP[ Go to top ]

    Thanks for noticing :)

    We run PostNuke because we're using a basic PHP/MySQL web hosting package, and is lumped in with a few other domains (like my

    It would be nice to host on my own computer, but I like not having to worry about administration.
  20. PHP[ Go to top ]


    This one is a good explanation :)

    That's true that java hosting is not that simple and portal hosting will even be worse as each portlet is deployed as a single war.

    Hope hosting services will come with a solution soon, there is a real market.
  21. gone?[ Go to top ]

    I've been unable to reach the site. Has it moved, or is it no longer available?
  22. gone?[ Go to top ]

    I just got mz book, tried to access, but it's down, why?

    Anyway the reason for me to access is that I have problems with pluto rc1, and pluto rc2 and the examples from the book, not to mention that i have a proble with the example from chapter 2 FirstPortlet.

    Dave? Jeff?

    Where can I acces a forum to ask about these problems..
  23. Liferary Hosting and Message Boards[ Go to top ]

    Liferay, another J2ee open source portal that is JSR-168 compliant, offers built in message boards, email, calendar, wiki, and other group ware portlets.

    Liferay also provides a built in portal hosting solution that is available right now with over 60 portlets.

    You can demo it at

    and compare it to our other running instances, all sharing the same wars, and ejbs, at (shopping site) (chuch site) (another church site)

    An overview of the Liferay architecture is available at

    We've also been hosting other portals for over 4 years now.
  24. XDoclet bug[ Go to top ]

    I was just now looking at this chapter and noticed the XDoclet bug mentioned. Good catch! (BTW, thanks for mentioning my name!).

    I've been somewhat busy for the last few months and just now noticed the issue in XDoclet's JIRA. I can't guarantee when an XDoclet release will include this, but I'll certainly fix it when I get home tonight.
  25. Re: XDoclet bug[ Go to top ]

    Excellent! We'll make a note that its fixed on our web site.

    And I promised I'd put your name in :)
  26. only six chapters are available so ....[ Go to top ]

    If anyone of you were able to successfully download the entire document then please share it with me at [email protected]