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    Greetings to all TSS members / browsers!

    Let me cut to the chase; I have a Java database Daffodil DB and want to sell more and more of my product. What’s new I hear? Nothing, sans the fact that I want to do it while taking on the 'biggies' of the market, while making a better product, while open sourcing part of my product offering (in our case the Replication tool) and while contributing to the Java community simply because .... Well, all I have is Java!

    Having said all that and having borne the risk of being labeled Gandhian in my ideals (wonder why that word has come to represent a weird mindset ... God bless his soul), here are my thoughts:

    1. The best brand usually does NOT have the best product. This holds true for IT, as it pretty much does anywhere. Plenty of examples pop into my mind, but let’s keep it simple.

    2. Having said that, the brand equity that these 'best' brands possess is enough to drive customers to them; much to the frustration of small(er) players.

    3. Getting into specifics, embedded databases have ALWAYS been a 'lower-cost lower-quality' cousin of enterprise databases. (Lower cost I understand, but lower quality? A simple check of currently provided features shows how much we need to move in the direction of product quality.) Even within embedded databases, Java embedded databases haven’t taken off in the same direction as other embedded databases. (MySQL's 5 million installations prove just this. Btw, they deserve kudos for the same.)

    4. However, times are (hopefully) changing ---- thanks to Big Blue, who, via Cloudscape, has revived developers and customer’s interest in Java databases.

    SO WHAT? IS THERE A POINT TO THIS BABBLE? Hummmmmm..... Yes, there is. And it’s this: Should interest in a particular product arise solely due to a 'Big Brother'? (Don’t get me wrong; it isn’t like nobody knew Cloudscape existed. But yes, its branding has taken a 'vitality injection' post-IBM.)

    Shouldn’t interest arise due to the merits (or demerits) of a particular product, as also due to the 'openness' (no pun intended) of the same. How many times we have wondered (at least I have) where these products really stand, when compared to each other? How many times have we wanted to see past the fancy hired help (read PR agencies, fancy conferences, product launches, branding exercises et al) and get to the crux.

    Maybe if we had found our (huge) pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, we would have also gone in for hyp-ing of our product. But we can’t. Tough.

    And therefore, my proposal is simple, and I have made this proposal in an earlier posting on TSS: Let’s get all embedded databases (Java or otherwise) and get some independent testing done. (I suggest a weighted average method with the parameters being Speed, Features, Size, Compatibility with app servers and the like). Only then will we be able to see past the hype and get to the bottom of this issue. In case this interess you, I can be contreached at uday dot parmar at daffodildb dot com. And yes, Java is the ONLY drug!

    Uday Parmar
    Daffodil Software Ltd.

    Our level of thinking creates problems that cannot be solved by our level of thinking – Einstein

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