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    Adam Bosworth has talked about how he is thinking about different problems at his Google job. He is on a quest for KISS, especially as the end user is his mom. People have backed this up, as people continue the charge to a simpler world.

    Adam Bosworth: KISS and the Mom factor

    Tim Bray: What Adam Said

    The quest for KISS

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    I've heard the mom factor, or actually grand-mom factor before with respect to Web Services. A memorable moment at a web services panel in 2001 was when Annrai O'Toole said, "Web Services should be so simple that my grand-mother can use them". It actually sounded much better in the original Irish accent.
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    When he left BEA, did he kiss MOM goodbye ?
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    In many ways, the "XLM/HTTP Vs. SOAP" debate is very similar to the "Servlets/POJO Vs. EJB" debate. In both cases you have a Baroque, uber-complex, technology being applied to simple problems that don't warant the complexity. Today I am doing XML/http implemented with Servlets and JAXB POJO's. XML Schema and JAXB for binding to POJO's is the important technology for XML Web Services.

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    I agree. Caucho's burlap and hessian are the best examples for what he says regarding web services. You write an interface, a servlet, 3 lines of a client and here you go. HTTP remoting, no soap, no complexity, no bullshit. Add Spring and you rock when it comes about simplicity. There is no simpler than this. And that goes until you need some of SOAP's complexity, of course.
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    As if everything in life could be simpler than it is...