TSS Cartoon: The Argument for Stateful Session Beans


News: TSS Cartoon: The Argument for Stateful Session Beans

  1. In the latest TSS Cartoon, we see the drawbacks of stateless session beans. Without a good conversation, how could you attack a cute bean? This cartoon is brought to you from the "corny but fun" department.

    Check out The Argument for Stateful Session Beans
  2. groan
  3. this is a sin of comedy in the name of mankind
  4. I like these Java cartoons. Keep publishing.
  5. :(
  6. It's a terrible analogy.
  7. Use stateful beans because...[ Go to top ]

    ... they can date? Maybe the breeding practices of components matters for genetic alorithms.
  8. Cute!
  9. Doofy looking du(ke)de[ Go to top ]

    I for one really like the face of the bean. Kinda how
    I imagine a dumb bean would look like. He's just sitting
    there in the back-ground with a goofy looking grin not
    havin' a clue what so ever.
    Kudos to the drawers - excellent drawing.
    As for the "humor" part - could have been better but then
    again, who really gives a damn. Not all things should be
    serious (or seriously funny)
  10. Doofy looking du(ke)de[ Go to top ]

    I agree with you completely there when you say "Not all things should be serious (or seriously funny)". Ofcourse, the aesthetics is always a matter of personal choice. I, for one, have enjoyed all the cartoons, for I believe that there should always be a different perspective of looking at things... :)
  11. TSS Cartoons[ Go to top ]

    After the first one or two TSS cartoons were published (and I had a look), I never took a look again, god were they un-funny and awkward.
    Though still not the best joke, this cartoon at least doesn't make me feel embarassed any more... I read some of the "latest" cartoons which mostly were... uhmmm... okay, I wonder, why did no one comment the "J2EE knights" which also lacks humor but was IMHO (one of) the best...
    Alltogether, as they are now, keep publishing, if they get better at the current rate I may even laugh on the Feb. 2007 cartoon ;-) Seriously :-), they are ok now, congrats to the authors.


  12. <sarcasm>
    I think these cartoons are meant to be intentionally bad thats what makes them soo good!



  13. I like JC,please go on.[ Go to top ]

  14. JC Cartoon[ Go to top ]

  15. Hey, this guy has the best position in the world. Only good to have fun doing the "Transactions" ...if you know what I mean ; )
  16. this is a good one :-)[ Go to top ]

    well done