Friday Humour: Pair Programming and IoC cartoons


News: Friday Humour: Pair Programming and IoC cartoons

  1. It's Friday, and there are a new set of bizarre cartoons on the block. "Pair Programming: The Hype and Reality" is the most recent addition to "Dependency Injection in Action", and "Inversion of Control in Action".

    Pair Programming: The Hype and Reality

    Dependency Injection in Action

    Inversion of Control in Action

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  2. Hilarious![ Go to top ]

    Now these geek cartoons are actually funny (sorry TSS...)
  3. Not particularly funny[ Go to top ]

    ... but I wonder what Martin Fowler has to say about the one about dependency injection
  4. Excellent[ Go to top ]

    Now these are good. LMAO
  5. Excellent - I like Dependency Injection the best...
  6. LOL

    -vaheesan selvarajah
  7. Nice, nice!.[ Go to top ]


    These are really a good joke!.
    Please try to put some more every week!.

  8. Dependency Injection in Action - Ouch, right in the setter...
  9. Am I the only one who finds these vaguely offensive? Could be. But they're so adolescent it's embarassing. They also conform to our worst stereotypes - adolescent, ugly, un-funny, boys. I'm particularly troubled by the pair-programming "Hype" picture. Grow up guys!
  10. I can see how #1 might offend someone, but it's not too far from the truth. These were corny, but good for a chuckle.
  11. I agree[ Go to top ]

    Not the most intelligent cartoons to post, pretty low in fact. I guess it was too difficult for the cartoonist, who must be about 12 years old or at least have that level of maturity, to represent a useful exchange of information in the first "extreme programming" panel, so an old and insensitive stereotype was used. Lame.
  12. This is just a cartoon![ Go to top ]


    I published the XP cartoon with a disclaimer that read: "Keep in mind when you see this that the nature of cartoons is political incorrectness, hyperbole, and satiric metaphors". This is where the term "comic proportion" comes from after all. It's unfortunate you couldn't see past the comical veneer.

    Anyway, I kind of expected this reaction from the XP folks. They took the fun out of programming, and now they want to take the fun out of cartoons.
  13. Re: This is just a cartoon![ Go to top ]

    Oh please. I am not one of the "XP folks" you are referring to, but I feel I know enough about XP to say that there could be many more female programmers out there if XP methodologies were more widely used. Since when was the hype about pair programming coding with a good-looking partner? I think the hype about pair programming is getting more quality work done in less time when two intelligent and co-operative brains are operating together. Is this not fun? What's not fun is the stereotype of a socially-inept male sitting alone at a computer, a stereotype that keeps women away from computing. Cartoons like this - and the people who find them entertaining - do not help the situation.
  14. Nice but look at those ones...[ Go to top ]

    ... concerning XP:

    different humor, more realistic for some of us I think ;)