Bruce Eckel talks about Process Patterns


News: Bruce Eckel talks about Process Patterns

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    Bruce has weaved together a tale that starts with object design, sneaks into the old territory of static vs. dynamic typing, and then gets to the real meat of mining Process Patterns. He discusses patterns which we have all seen: Programmers as Commodities, Faux Chief Architect, and The Gelled Team.

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    Do you have any Process Patterns that you have mined yourself?
  2. Interesting Article, I've read books written by Margeret Wheatley and Tom Demarco that describe many of the same "patterns", and as a young programmer experienced some of the "antipatterns" myself.

    Good work.
  3. Programmer "Component Model"[ Go to top ]

    My wife once worked at a large international outsourcing company (they sponsor a Tour de France team) whose local management decided that it was a great idea to treat programmers as "components". Any programmer should fit into any empty programming slot. I thought of that being hugely dehumanizing - it was actually a well-known management goal, as opposed to just being the way the management privately thought about it.

    I always wondered how those geniuses would react to a "component model" for managers.