Coconut AIO: an asynchronous I/O library announced


News: Coconut AIO: an asynchronous I/O library announced

  1. The Codehaus has announced Coconut AIO, a small library based on java 1.5 for performing asynchronous I/O.

    Some of the features are:

    • Support for asynchronous server-socket, socket and datagram I/O (limited file support for now). Right now it is wrapping java.nio (implemented as active objects).
    • 3 completion notification programming styles. Future-style, Callback style and Completion-queue (events posted onto a queue)
    • JMX enabled, bytes read/written, sockets accepted, ...
    • Fine grained monitoring, for example, you can dynamically specify callbacks that are called whenever a socket reads data, writes data, connects, binds, closes, ...
    For more details join the mailing lists or check out the homepage.

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  2. haven't looked yet[ Go to top ]

    I haven't had to look at it yet, but how does it differ from EmberIO? Or has anyone done a comparison?
  3. haven't looked yet[ Go to top ]

    Or Netty?
  4. haven't looked yet[ Go to top ]

    IMHO, I can say Netty provides high-level AIO(?). But it is not AIO, it is just an emulation layer for NIO. Netty's strength comes from its unit-testability and fast protocol prototyping with full features for highend network applications.
  5. I have looked briefly a this package and as I understand correctly it's only an emulation layer on top of NIO for AIO (JDK 1.4, JDK 1.5. does not support true POSIX style AIO) ?

    True AIO package