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    I have set the isolation level as "Read uncommitted". But still I am getting only the committed data. What could be the reason for this?

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  2. Eventhough you set the isolation level in the connection level, it is for the database that should allow the appropriate isolation. If u r using Oracle as DB it does not support read_uncommited isolation. So check with DB provider, to know about its capabilities on this front.
  3. Please ensure that your auto commit property is not set to true, which comes in the connection class
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    Also, if you use JDBC make sure you call setTransactionIsolation method not within a transaction bounds.
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    I feel the database, here oracle supports all the transactions - isolation modes. By default it is read-commited. When a transaction starts, where the application server, which acts as a trasaction cordinator for the transaction, will indicate that this mode of accessing the database should be isolation mode of read-Uncommited.