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News: luntbuild 1.0 has been released

  1. luntbuild 1.0 has been released (8 messages)

    Luntbuild, an open source project hosted at, can be used to perform daily builds, or continuous integration like cruisecontrol or anthill.

    It features a clean web interface, and maintains a full history of builds, which are well managed. These artifacts can be searched, or deleted.

    Build automation and management are done through concepts of projects, views, schedules, modules, etc. It supports scheduled builds, force builds, rebuilds, clean build, increment build, etc. Within luntbuild, you can easily combine different modules from the version control system with different branches or labels, and construct your required build, and make its status trackable, be downloadable, and etc.

    1.0 Features:

    • Supporting version control systems: cvs, visual sourcesafe, subversion starteam, perforce, base clearcase, clearcase UCM
    • By using the notion of project, view and module, luntbuild can be used to easily build multiple customized version of products, or different development branches, etc.
    • Can do manual builds, or force builds
    • History builds generated with proper label strategy can be rebuild later
    • Clean or increment type build can be set when scheduling build or do manual build.
    • Build strategy can be set when scheduling build. For a particular schedule, user can select to always build, never build, build only when there are changes in repository, or always build if failed.
    • Label strategy can be set when scheduling build or do manual build. User can select to always label build, or never label build, or only label successful build.
    • Mail strategy can be set when scheduling build, or do manual build, or do rebuild. User can select to always send notification mail, or never send notification mail, or only send notification mail when builds fail
    • Build artifacts are listed as part of detail information of a build. By this way, the whole team can have a centralized place to manage builds for downloading, testing, etc.
    • Build can be searched and deleted.
    • Build log, revision log and system log4j log can be directly accessed through web interface.
    • Different jdk, jdk options, ant, and ant options can be configured for different project/views.
    • Different environment file can be loaded for different project/views.
    • Schedule can be periodically like, or cron like.
    Access luntbuild at

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  2. luntbuild 1.0 has been released[ Go to top ]

    Congratulations to the Luntbuild team. It's good to see more CI servers on the OSS arena.

    I've just thrown up a comparative feature matrix for various CI servers here.

    It would be great if someone from the Luntbuild team would help us update the matrix for Luntbuild.

  3. Nice matrix![ Go to top ]

    That matrix is a great idea. Thank you for creating, maintaining, and sharing it.
  4. UCM and CI[ Go to top ]

    It's good to see at CI product supporting the concepts around Unified Change Management (UCM) with ClearCase in this case, but I was woundering what is the feelings about UCM in the CI community ? One of the advantages for doing ClearCase UCM is to avoid problems for developers by offering seperate development streams which sort of is the opposite way of handling the problem than what CI is proposing.

    My new employer have bought Accurev and I'm looking forward to try out the 'UCM light' features within Accurev. Do you think Jira/Atlassian will go down the path of UCM ?

    ---- Trond
  5. Re: UCM and CI[ Go to top ]

    Is is really different? I would think CI with ClearCase would require frequent rebasing with (at least) daily builds. (I'm not sure if automatic hooks exist within CC that can notify a job to kick off builds.) Wouldn't this acheive the same net results?
  6. Re: UCM and CI[ Go to top ]

    Is is really different? I would think CI with ClearCase would require frequent rebasing with (at least) daily builds.

    When you have your own stream you can check in and out until you rebase. I don't think it's that normal to try building something from a developers own stream so you might run into a situation where a developer works over a very long time in his/her own stream without rebasing. This would contradict a bit with the CI principle.

    This might be subtle differences, but I haven't tried working with seperate streams for a while now. The last time the project didn't use a CI product and I was just a bit curious about experiences with UCM/Stream based configuration management and CI.
  7. luntbuild 1.0 has been released[ Go to top ]

    Some suggestions of features usefull for open source projects:

    - add the possibility to publish and create a new release in sourceforge.
    - clearify the installations instructions. Why do you need a cvs client installed when ant doesn't need one
  8. Another Tapestry Sighting ...[ Go to top ]

    Looked at one of the screen shots and damned if that date popup window didn't look familiar. Lo and behold ... luntbuild's "clean web interface" is built on Tapestry 3.0!

    I haven't had a chance to actually look at the tool, but it's always a pleasant surprise to see another Tapestry application out in the wild.
  9. Partially successful[ Go to top ]

    I tried using the tool with Base Clearcase. I am able to get the latest files from CC however when I try to execute the build, it fails with the following error

    2004-09-17 17:57:15,740 [DefaultQuartzScheduler_Worker-2] ERROR com.luntsys.lunt - Build failed: ERROR: CreateProcess: "C:\j2sdk1.4.2\
    bin\java -classpath C:\DOWNLOADS\utilities\ant\apache-ant-1.6.2\lib\ant-launcher
    .jar -Dant.home=C:\DOWNLOADS\utilities\ant
    -DbuildVersion=irgbuild-0.16 -DbuildDate=Fri" Sep 17 17:56:22 IST "2004 -DbuildI
    d=17 -DpublishDir=C:\jakarta-tomcat-5.0.27\webapps\luntbuild\publish\17\artifact
    s -buildfile C:\jakarta-tomcat-5.0.27\webapps\luntbuild\work\1/\IRG_VOB\IRG-CODE
    \dev\build_exploded_irg.xml" error=123

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.