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    I'm struggling with WsEjbDeploy ant task in these days. It doesn't work if you follow document of this task. The classpath for this task is really wired. Someone mentioned that you need a directory named \deploytool if you want it works. I checked wsad home directory and find it at C:\IBM\WebSphere Studio\Application Developer\v5.1\runtimes\aes_v4. But you can't find it at C:\IBM\WebSphere Studio\Application Developer\v5.1\runtimes\base_v5. You can find it below websphere server home directory(5.0). The task will call $WAS_Home\bin\setupCommandline.bat at beginning. That means if you don't install WSAD, you can't run this task at all. Besides a couple of jars, this task must read some other informations from directory \deploytool. I've tested this. Up to now, I can't make sure all of them. The problem is that IBM made update on those jars required by this task in wsad5.1 but didn't provide \deploytool directory at same time. So, I totally have no idea how to get those jar files of latest version. My previous post already showed the problem. When I can generate deployment code with wsad 5.1, I can't use this task to do that. The reason is that I used an old version \deploytool directory when I can't get a new one. I really appreciate if anyone can give some ideas.

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    I had the same problem with similiar task in weblogic: kinda same it works mostyly but had problems with ant versions:
    besides that you can find the api that the task uses and generate the file that might do that : probably if you ar using wsad it might help you on that :
    look for the api on the net: i found soem cool api from weblogic but i didnt used it as our specs changed. try doing that you might be lucky and the api could be very useful.
  3. Hi Guys, can anyone help me on this following error. I am trying to generating ejb deployment code using ant task wsejbdeploy. Thanks in advance for your reply. [wsejbdeploy] Working Directory does not exist. Creating. [wsejbdeploy] Starting workbench. [wsejbdeploy] 20040210_1915-WB213-AD-V512D-W5 [wsejbdeploy] Workspace location: [wsejbdeploy] D:\ant\_tempDeployDir\Infomediary._ [wsejbdeploy] Debug-Options: [wsejbdeploy] file:D:/ant/_tempDeployDir/.options [wsejbdeploy] Install URL: file:/D:/Program Files/IBM/WebSphere Studio/Applicati on Developer/v5.1.2/runtimes/base_v51/deploytool/itp/ [wsejbdeploy] Shutting down workbench. [wsejbdeploy] Failure invoking BootLoader.startup method [wsejbdeploy] java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException Thanks Ram!
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    I think the secret lies in the ws_ant.bat file that WAS uses to kick off it's copy of Ant 1.5.4 and the wsanttask.jar pre-wired. More importantly though is it's call to another .bat file, setupCommandLine. This file sets a fair Amount of system variables and builds a classpath that is passed in and available to task like wsejbdeploy.