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    It's not easy to do unit test for session bean though there's quite a lot articles on unit test and unit test in container.
    Is Cactus widely adopted? How abt openEJB?
    Is there any other convinient way to test session bean?

    Xiao Qing Lai

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    Yes, Cactus is fully functional tool, which allows to do unit testing of session beans too.
    A little code example, if you wish:

    public class ExampleServiceTest extends ServletTestCase {

        private ExampleService service;

        public ExampleServiceTest(String name) {

        public static Test suite() {
            return new TestSuite(ExampleServiceTest.class);

        public void setUp() throws Exception {
            Context jndiContext = new InitialContext();
            ExampleServiceHome home = (ExampleServiceHome)
            this.service = home.create();

        public void testUserList() throws Exception {
            String systemUserName = service.getSystemUserName("test");

    Also you can try a JUnitEE. Also very good toll which may be easy integrated with Cactus.
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    thanx Vladimir.
    currently most of, if not all, solutions for ejb's unit test are servlet-based.
    is there any non-servlet-based solution?

    another question is how to roll-back after test?
    shall we dump sql to database before test or depend on roll back which can be excuted automatically after test?


    Best Regards,
    Xiao Qing Lai