IP loggiing / comparison - privacy policy - illegality


TSS feedback: IP loggiing / comparison - privacy policy - illegality

  1. I'm just finishing the book "Mastering J2EE 2nd Edition", which i've downloaded as pdf (free) from TheServerSide. I came here to discuss some points (although i dislike all thos kiddy-forums, which do not support nntp-access via newsclient).

    Anyway, what I wanted to say is:

    I am shocked!

    IP is kept and compared - and this feauture was introduced _without_ _any_ prior announcement.

    And finally: the privacy policy did not clarify explicitly the usage of the IP's.

    I doubt that all this is legal. I am highly disappointed about this community (cause most of this community has accepted this behaviour from the management)!!!

    _This_ is possibly illegal:

    Having a few pseudo-accounts is simply stupid (or funny):
    [seems that this was the reason, to introduce the 'feature' without any anouncement:]


    Really disapointing.

    Is there any other J2EE community, which is a little more serious?
  2. "
    IP Information

    When visiting TheServerSide.com, we reserve the right to store and use the IP address.

    - TheServerSide.com does not protect my privacy (e.g.: my location, which I possibly do not want to hand out, can be detected and publicized by the Discussions-Group functionality).
    - TheServerSide.com does not clearly state the usage of the IP address (and the effects to my privacy)
    - TheServerSide.com does not react to user complaints about it's privacy policy