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    Dear Members

    I am new to this forum and just join the forum and QA engineer, can anybody provide the information of performance testing tool availability for java based web application.

    Praveen Kumar Pandey

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    There’s a list of tools on Jack Shirazi’s site here:

    Of the free tools I’ve used Grinder on a couple of projects with some success. For large commercial enterprise projects I normally Loadrunner but it is expensive.
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    Check out my list of Performance Test Tools.
    Definitely check out many of the open source offerings in this area as well.
    OpenSTA is one of those very interesting and full featured http(s) load testing tools.

    Anyway here's the link:,com_weblinks/Itemid,4/catid,68/

    Roland Stens
  4. We use Quest PerformaSure to record information about J2EE applications; on the load testing side, we use Mercury Interactive LoadRunner.

    Jose R. Huerga