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News: Daffodil Replicator v1.4 Released

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    Daffodil Software Ltd., a leading provider of java database solutions, recently announced the release of Daffodil Replicator v1.4, the latest version of the company's data replication product. Among the prominent improvements in v1.4 is the compatibility of the tool with more number of data sources.

    The focal point of version 1.4 is that, now it supports replication of data from Postgre SQL data source to other data sources (Oracle, SQL Server and Daffodil DB). This implies that now Daffodil Replicator can be used by enterprises working with Postgre SQL, to synchronize data between the Server and the Client which may be using same or different data sources.

    Increasing demand for high-availability of data in today's business scenario has motivated customers to call for remote mirroring of their database as an integral part of their information technology infrastructures. In this market scenario Daffodil Software Ltd. is working towards making Daffodil Replicator, an all major data source compatible replication tool and taking a step towards this direction it will be soon compatible with Derby’s Cloudscape. This will further increase the number of supported data sources and will take it more closer to Daffodil Replicator being a highly versitile and comprehensive data replication tool.

    The new released version1.4 is equipped with all the well-known features of v1.2.1 like- Platform independent synchronization, publisher and subscriber model, data synchronization between databases operating in heterogeneous environments with a support for JDBC, shortcut keys for providing a customized environment to the users etc.

    Download free evaluation version of Daffodil Replicator v1.4 now at http://www.daffodildb.com/download

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    Congratulations on the new release!

    Does the synchronization capability take care of ordering the operations (insert, update, and delete) such that referential integrity constraints on the target systems are maintained?

    -- Damodar Periwal
    Software Tree, Inc.
    Simplify Data Integration
  3. Hi Damodar,

    Replication Tool very well takes care of the ordering of operations (insert, update and delete). It accepts the tables to be published in a proper order. If you have to publish two tables with relations in between them, the referenced table should be mentioned prior to referencing table.

    The synchronizing process perform the operations in same order as they were stored during subscription.

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    Hi There,

    Would it be possible to use the Daffodil Replicator tool to synchronize data between (lets say) 5 Daffodil DB servers and an Oracle database.

    In one of our applications, we intend to have 5 medium size database servers as Nodes (for which we are evaluating Daffodil DB) and Oracle server as the back-end master database.

    Would Daffodil DB replicator be suitable for our purpose?

    Let me know on this.


  5. Hi Deepak,

    It is always possible to subscribe data to multiple database servers (client db) and all can request to synchronize the data simultaneously. Internally Daffodil Replicator handle all requests serially.

    Daffodil Replicator interacts with database through standard JDBC driver interface. Daffodil DB and Oracle both provide standard implementation of JDBC driver so you can use Daffodil DB with Oracle to replicate data with Daffodil Replicator.

    Daffodil Replicator also supports PostgreSQL, Derby, SQL-Server and all other databases which provides triggers, stored procedure and JDBC Driver.

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    Are you going to open source your database and replicator?

    On apache's incubator mail list I can see you are evaluating
    your options.


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    Dear John,

    With regards to Daffodil Replicator, we are in the process of making it OS on SourceForge.net and ASF.

    As for Daffodil DB, something major is being planned. You will have to wait for some time on this one.