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    Web development is not as easy, simple and static as it used to before. Why is it so important to follow the framework-based approach to web development?
    How many such frameworks are available?
    Sure it will depends upon my requirements but still how should I go about deciding the best framework for implementation?
  2. There are several frameworks - Struts, Spring, Tapestry, etc. I can only speak for Struts as Struts is the only one I've used.

    The importance of following a framework is that you want to follow design patterns/best practices (model, view, controller), and the best way to know you're doing this is to use a framework that implements these ideas.
  3. Did you check out, http://www.frameworks-boulder.org/Application_Frameworks.html

    It REALLY depends on your requirements and your teams skill set as to which framework you select. IMO WebWork, Tapesty, NanoWeb are 3 great frameworks each very different in their solution.
  4. what about JSF? what is the real difference betwen struts and JSF?
  5. I am a developer and I am deploay sevral j2ee project with jsf and struts until 5 mount ago.but afew days ago when I read shine framework`s document and test it ,shine`s abilitys is very intrest for me,so I try to attain more more information about shine framework. when I read it and try to deploy that sample with shine ,I understand that I find my favorite framework for Implementing my J2EE projects. but I can`t use it in that time.because of shine is not yet reliable because it`s new and untried. but was understand that this framework will be one of powerfull J2EE FRAMEWORKs as soon as soon.maybe shine is the best J2EE Framework in near future. 1 week laer I find sevral document about shine(that is forom shine framework`s supporter team). they are very intrest. work with ajax in shine is unblivable.it`s very simple. and developers can write other j2ee frameworks code in shine tags. shine is realy a service oriented framework. shine Architecture is JWMS(java web model service).I can not finde a document about JWMS but I wite a request for shine`s supporter team to discribe about that. thats enogh.I discribe about some ability of shine. you can test it and see with your eyes fore bilive it. I sure if you test it,you will be shine`s user . you can find shine`s document in internet or in shine support team`s web site : www.j2sos.org in technical forum. or in http://groups.google.com/group/j2sos and for download shine framework you must visit sourceforge.net in this link: http://sourceforge.net/projects/shine-app/ I want to deploying a small project with shine. because I think developers can not risk on their project with using shine for one time like me. when it complete I want to upload it fore developers. if that`s result is like my think, actuly I choose shine for deploy my project. if you deploy a project with shine,plese upload your first project for us too see that. good luck.