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    Am I the only one that hates Javascript ??? On every web project I've worked on for the last 6 years, Javascript was always there ... embeded in html ... making my html code look funny...never working on Netscape AND Explorer ... but instead working on Netscape OR Explorer ...

    But in the last few years, I've worked with technologies like JSP and UIX that wraps html&javascript. So instead of writting html and javascript, I only had to write JSP or UIX pages. Ah ! life looked so sweet !

    But javascript still survived ! We always had to tweek the generated Javascript code.

    So my question is this actually ... am I the only one that hates Javascript and will Javascript ever die ???

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    Javascript will not die.

    Javascript still has many good uses.

    I like javascript, it is one of the many tools of a good developer.
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    I agree Javascript will not die, however it is logical to assume that UI frameworks (such as JSF and to some extent Struts) will continue to make further progress on utilizing the capabilities of client-side technologies in order to improve the usability and performance of Webapps.

    I see JSF component vendors making more use of client-side technologies Javascript/DHTML as time goes on.

    Adam Winer of the JSF EG pointed out recently on Sun's Java forum:

    "The JSF 1.1 spec does not include any framework for automatically creating client-side DHTML validators from server-side Java Validators, but it's possible to build that on top of the framework - the ADF Faces component library, available as a preview release, does exactly this. The EG can look at incorporating this into the core API in future versions of the spec."


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    Please go away JavaScript! Or somebody needs to come up with a JavaScript library that everyone uses.
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    Actually, I think it will eventually (not expression an opinion whether it should or shouldn't), as a result of the (slow but sure) migration towords rich clients.

    Technology today allows us to deploy rich client applications in (almost) the same ease as web applications. Java Web Start and Flex for are nice examples. This area is still in its infancy, but its maturing slowly.

    I expect that in a few years rich clients will start making real headway (they already are in large enterprises) and soon after that, in the internet itself as well. Heck, we might even see OpenOffice deployed as a web application! ;-)

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    javascript has lots of good features to build DHTML.
    If we use it properly it is of very good use. So finally its all depends on how we design our web UI.
    Everything is in our hands. If you use javascript properly it will help you a lot. If you fail to use javascript properly, your life will become miserable.