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    What are the basic requirements for a .jsp file to run.Which services does it require.
    Anyone knowing please help me

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    - Java Development Kit
    - Servlet Container

    You need a JDK (not just a runtime environment), because your JSP will be compiled to a servlet class file which then will be run by the servlet container. Give Tomcat or Jetty a try.

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    Hi Aditi, once you get J2EE installed on your comp, create a WAR using the command prompt, and deploy that WAR in a server, such as Apache Tomcat. You might want to write a basic WEB.xml file for this. Try starting from the J2EE tutorial on

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    Thanks for the reply.
    Does any of u know about the 9ias container.Where to deploy the war file or a simple "helloWorld.jsp"?What changes should be done in the configuration file?
    Please suggest some suitable answer.
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    Hi Aditi,

            No I've never worked with 9IAS, but I guess the following link tells you something about what you want to know:
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    Thanks Parag, I had already seen it.But if u come across more such topics please do inform me.