problem while creating jar file using ejbc


EJB programming & troubleshooting: problem while creating jar file using ejbc

  1. hi
       i put all my class files in the directory like d:\opt\com\iapex\ this directory i created META-INF directory and i put my two jar files using jar utility i created one jar file.but it is giving problem while using ejbc.please send the solution for this problem weblogic-ejb-jar file i mentioned a jndi-name like this


    please send the solution is urgent.

    advance thands
  2. Whats the error msg you are getting ?
    I can summarise briefly the steps for deployment.
    Assume ur classes are in package example.beans:
    1. create a temporary dir called tempdir
    2. create the "example" dir under tempdir. then a "beans" dir under "examples". Here in beans place ur class files. in essence u are reflecting the directory structure of ur package.
    3. Then create a Meta-inf dir under tempdir , and place the two jar files.
    4.create the jar using jar utility (include beans & Meta-inf dir in the jar)

    5. change to weblogic dir. Issue setenv.
    6.generate container classes uses the command from weblogic dir:- java weblogic.ejbc

    7. u are ready to deploy the bean. Edit the file to include ur brean.

    (make sure the enteries are correct in the two jars in meta-inf)