SearchBlox J2EE Search Component Version 2.0 released


News: SearchBlox J2EE Search Component Version 2.0 released

  1. SearchBlox is a J2EE Search Component that delivers out-of-the-box search functionality for fast and easy implementation with your websites, applications, intranets and portals. SearchBlox uses the Lucene Search API and incorporates integrated HTTP/HTTPS and File System crawlers, support for various document formats including HTML, Word, PDF, PowerPoint and Excel, support for indexing and searching content in 18 languages and customizable search results, all controlled from a browser-based Admin Console.

    Main features in this release:
    - Advanced Search: search by file format, language, keyword occurrence and modified date
    - Keyword-in-Context Display: search results are displayed with areas of content where the keyword occurs
    - Upgrade to Lucene 1.4.2
    - Performance and stability improvements
    - Bug fixes

    SearchBlox is available as a Web Archive (WAR) and is deployable on any Servlet 2.3/JSP 1.2 compliant server. SearchBlox Getting-Started Guides are available for the following servers:

    JBoss -
    Jetty -
    JRun -
    Oracle -
    Pramati -
    Resin -
    Sun -
    Tomcat -
    Weblogic -
    Websphere -

    SearchBlox is also available as SearchBlox Server. The Server is an integrated application incorporating everything you need to run SearchBlox. The Server includes SearchBlox J2EE Component, the Jetty Application Server and the Java Runtime Environment(JRE) 1.4. With the SearchBlox Server, there are no additional software requirements to deploy SearchBlox.

    The SearchBlox FREE Edition is available free of charge and can index up to 1000 documents.

    The software can be downloaded from

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  2. As a question.. is the core engine here the Lucene engine? They have their own crawlers, management controls, document converters/metadata extracters, but essentially the engine would be Lucene?

    As a note, I don't consider that to be a bad thing. It can be time consuming to get Lucene up and running.. coding custom document converters and such, managing scheduling, and all of these other issues. I'm just curious about the core of the product.
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  4. How is that compared with ?
  5. I tried. It runs great[ Go to top ]

    I downloaded yesterday and ran it in my local tomcat. After I indexed some files on my local drive, I did some search. It works great. It can be my desktop search tool. I tried Corpnic Desktop search before and found it not very useful because it cannot sort by relevance (which is the key I think). I hope it can index my emails though.
  6. SearchBlox as a Portlet?[ Go to top ]

    Is a SearchBlox portlet available, or, if not, are there plans to create a JSR-168 compatible portlet?
  7. SearchBlox as a Portlet?[ Go to top ]

    Currently, we do not have a SearchBlox portlet. We plan to have JSR-168 compatible portlet by early next year.