TSS Enterprise Java Architecture Workshop, London, 6-9 December


News: TSS Enterprise Java Architecture Workshop, London, 6-9 December

  1. TSS is hosting an Enterprise Java Architecture Workshop December 6-9, London, UK. Designed for already-seasoned architects looking to further their knowledge, the event is a peer-to-peer and mentor guided four-day project-oriented workshop that addresses issues such as scalability, fault tolerance, appserver and database clustering, persistence choices, transactions, integration, messaging, etc.

    Throughout the highly interactive four days, group exercises will allow participants to apply concepts to real-world examples resulting in detailed synergistic discussions. Participants will learn techniques for architecting enterprise systems, not only from the facilitator’s experience but also from the experiences of their fellow participants.

    Check out TheServerSide Enterprise Java Architecture Workshop
  2. I wouldnt be shocked if TSS trolling for M$ .Not
  3. I wouldnt be shocked if TSS trolling for M$ .Not

    This isn't all that likely :). I've included the high level description of topics covered. This is a seminar covering architecture topics, which mostly means building skills for making sound trade-offs, analysis, and technology decisions as it related to enterprise Java. In any systems architecture decision, .NET is a potential consideration. This seminar will discuss .NET to the extent relevant in analysis, but will only do so in a clinical, rationale, and neutral way.

    The Middleware Company

    Learn from the experiences of others implementing J2EE solutions.
    Identify a vertical slice of an enterprise application.
    Understand different persistence strategies for J2EE applications, including JDBC, CMP2.x and JDO.
    Understand the tradeoffs between various persistence strategies.
    Address large-scale system design issues (load-balancing, clustering, caching).
    Understand the principles of designing scalable applications and evaluate an enterprise application design for scalability.
    Understand the modularity problem of objects and flat transactions and how the declarative transactions of CMT solve the problem.
    Understand the limitations of distributed transactions, long transactions and concurrency control in J2EE environments.
    Understand when messaging is appropriate in an application.
    Learn about Message Driven Bean and JMS.
    Understand the Connector architecture.
    Understand the role of XML, SOA and Web Services in J2EE applications.
    Be exposed to Web Services standards: SOAP, WSDL and JAX*
    Learn several J2EE design patterns.
    Design an enterprise class application, putting together all that was learned during the workshop.
    Have a chance to hold a roundtable discussion to get advice from others about your project
  4. Workshop?[ Go to top ]

    Hi Floyd, hi Tyler,

    I've not really understood how the workshop is organized. Is it more like a conference/symposium (FAQ says symposium) or more like a training?

    How many people can attend? Will there be sessions which the attendees can chose from? Who are the trainers/speakers?

    The TSS symposium is excellent and I am interested in this workshop...especially because I do not have to fly >10hours for a few days :-)

    Thanks a lot.

  5. Workshop?[ Go to top ]


    After reading your questions and Stephan's objection it's clear we didn't do a good job describing this event (which will be rectified shortly).

    This event is not a conference. It is more like a training in that it is small (up to 50 people) and instructor led, and goes through a one-track agenda that covers important topics for J2EE architects.

    However, it is more than a training as it involves a lot of peer to peer mentorship and team work to solve problems and learn from each others experiences.

    Thus, I hope you can make it to the event but definitely do not consider it to be a competitor to the excellent Javapolis coference or TheServerSide Java Symposium (which we will be announcing next week).

  6. Floyd,

    Great idea to have a 4 day workshop (for 2000$) one week before the 5 day JavaPolis conference (for 200 Euro).... NOT !! It's clear that your motiviations to organize such a workshop is a bit different than ours...

    A disappointed BeJUG chairman.

    Stephan Janssen
  7. If you're in Java, you should certainly check out the programme at

    There is a terrific mix of topics and sessions. 2 days tutorials, 2 days conference with deep-technical presentations from the spec leads and lead developers, and 1 business day with case studies, a party night, a movie night, and 20 evening BOF sessions.

    In case the programme, nor the almost-for-free entry fee are sufficient to convince you, taste my personal favourite of our Belgian beers, and I'm sure we'll meet in Antwerp later this year ;-)

  8. Stephan and BeJug team,

    As per my email to Mirko above, this event is definitely not meant to be competitive to Javapolis. Javapolis is large conference with multiple tracks, an exhibitors floor, and as I recall from last year, a focus on bleeding edge topics, similar to our own Symposium.

    The workshop is a small and intimate learning event (up to 50 people) with mentor-led track focused on key architectural issues, which are all essential, but not intended to be bleeding edge.

    Clearly this is not competitive to Javapolis as no one would look at these as from an either/or perspective, they serve different purposes.