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    I am trying to integrate a Crystal report into a standalone Java application. I am doing this as a proof of concept to be later integrated into a J2EE thick client to server application. All I can find in regards to displaying reports is using JSP pages.

    I did find this:
    for creating an applet. It still needs a webserver though. Would this be best practice, embedding an applet into a client application to display the reports? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. It seems very odd that Crystal doesn’t allow integration of non web based reports.

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    After some more digging and a phone call, I figured this out:

    Crystal Reports only started to support Java as of version 9, and full on in version 10 in the area of JSP and thin clients. They do not support a thick client in the java realm at all. Their forum produced others wanting a thick client, but no solutions.

    Crystal is bundeled with JBuilder and WebLogic, so might be able to leverage this.

    Any other ideas, or is Crystal still too much in the VB/.NET world for a viable reporting solution?
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    Use jasperreports,its a cool tool,written in J
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    I second the recommendation of JasperReports. We're using it to create PDF reports and it works great. There is also JasperAssistant, an Eclipse plug-in for visual development of the report formats. I believe there are some other RAD tools available for it as well that don't require Eclipse. The RAD tools are nice, but not required; report designs are defined in XML, so you can use a text editor to create them, if you like.
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    It's true that Crystal Reports is still strong on Windows Plateform with VB. Even they start supporting Java fully in the current version. Yet the different models of the product post very restrict rules on what you can/can't do with each model. Some allow simple static reporting while some others allow fully dynamic reporting but it's overly sophisticated. For example in the enterprise version, to just retrieve a report from the server using their API, you have to deal with about 10 different objects. If you want to set up the server in UNIX, allocate at least 1 week.

    For non-mission critical reporting, a pure Java product - JReport by Jinfonet - is a good candidate.
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    Hello there,
    Used to use inet crystal clear for pumping out reports long time ago.

    In the current project
    We are using Crystal dev edition XI and no JSP's
    So far all the documentation and examples are related to how things can be done in JSP+Crystal

    Would sincerely appreciate if you could provide any pointer on how things can be moved forward with out the enterprise edition and a server but just a standalone app producing reports

    Best regards,
  7. Windward Reports[ Go to top ]

    If you want a reporting system that is trivially easy, take a look at - you design the reports in Word or Excel so there's no learning curve.