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    I have two jar files.One named solution.jar contains presentaion classes like Struts Actions and FormBeans etc ..and Another named component.jar which contains business logic classes like DAO ,etc. It is a simple application with no ejbs,

    I want to deploy only one jar(solution.jar).
    Now that, I have added a class-path entry in manifest of first jar (solution.jar) as below

    class-path: component.jar

    component.jar is within the solution.jar

    I hope this is as per jar standards of sun.

    when i deploy solution.jar on websphere3.5.7,
    it is not able to find the component.jar classes
    it is throwing NoClassDefFoundException

    Can anyone tell me how to do this or where I am going wrong??
    How to give the classpath dependency in manifest??


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  2. One-JAR![ Go to top ]

    I found this when I browsed for a solution to the same question.


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