Sun releases JavaMail 1.3.2


News: Sun releases JavaMail 1.3.2

  1. Sun releases JavaMail 1.3.2 (15 messages)

    Sun Microsystems has released version 1.3.2 of the JavaMail API.

    "The JavaMail API 1.3.2 release contains over 25 bug fixes and several new features, including: SSL/TLS support for all protocols, STARTTLS support for the IMAP and SMTP protocols, SASL support for the IMAP protocol and access to detailed SMTP error codes."

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  2. Thanks a lot[ Go to top ]

    I like the line which says
    "Access to Detailed Error Codes" . It was a pain to debug otherwise.
  3. Still nary an interface to be found - and lots of final classes... :-(

    Javamail is such a pain when it comes to testing...
  4. com.sun.mail.util.ASCIIUtility
    public static byte[] getBytes(String s)
            char ac[] = s.toCharArray();
            int i = ac.length;
            byte abyte0[] = new byte[i];
            for(int j = 0; j < i;)
                abyte0[j] = (byte)ac[j++];

            return abyte0;

    it just cast a Character to a byte, so it can't handle characters such as Chinese character.

    this function is called from com.sun.mail.util.LineOutputStream, and will cause error for file attachement's title.
  5. Messages headers are required to be in US-ASCII, so it's only logical that only US-ASCII characters are used.

    RFC2047 defines a way to encode other character sets using the US-ASCII character set in message header fields, but knowing when this encoding can be performed is specific to the definition of the header field, so can't be done generically.

    You'll have to encode the attachment's description yourself using the rfc2047 encoding before placing it in the header..

    - Erwin
  6. Thanks for your reply.
  7. Webmailers using JavaMail?[ Go to top ]

    Hi there,

    Does anyone know if there are good open-source webmailers out there that use the JavaMail API?
    The few that I find on don't really turn me on :-)

  8. Webmailers using JavaMail?[ Go to top ]
  9. James <> Webmailer[ Go to top ]

    Hi Ronald,

    Thanks for the link, but "James" is a mailserver and not a webmailer, such as Popper (written in PHP) or JWebmail (written in Java, but only Linux & it's outdated).

  10. ZOË?[ Go to top ] perhaps?
  11. ZOË?[ Go to top ]

    Have a look at

    for a comprehensive list of java web mail clients. Compared to other languages, there really aren't many clients availble for Java. It would be useful to kick-start a project that implemented the functionality of a solid tool like Open Webmail (cache using Hibernate etc).

    In fact, we are missing many simple, coherent, groupware applications. PHP has a much richer list of groupware clients availble.
  12. ZOË?[ Go to top ]

    In fact, is anyone interested in trying to get something like this off the ground?
  13. alternative[ Go to top ]

    as an alternative, you might want to look at apache's commons-net.
  14. Groupware clients[ Go to top ]

    Take a look at lucane:

    * A peer to peer quick message service
    * Client/Server and peer to peer file sharing
    * A multi-user chat
    * Forum & Forum administration
    * Calendar
    * IMAP mail client based on JMail
    * Personal notes
    * Todo List
    * AudioConf using jspeex

    * Object based network protocol
    * Client/Server and peer to peer
    * User and groups management
    * Multi Language system

  15. New Webmailer project?[ Go to top ]


    JWebmail is out-of-date. I couldn't make it run under Windows properly, it doesn't use the latest JavaMail APIs and the developer is not updating it anymore...

    I started conceptual work on a Java-based webmailer a while ago and I might start the programming soon. Besides the standards (POP3, Addressbook, CSS, Multiple Accounts) it will contain a few more sophisticated features, such as tricking filters like "Webwasher", full support for Arabic fonts, a template-based, "brand-able" system for any kind of device (Regular Monitor, Lynx-Browser, PDAs etc.) and a PlugIn-Architecture.

    Good to know I'm not programming something that already exists lol

  16. I made a reference implementation of Java Web Mail, using JSP/Servlet and Java Mail API. It's simple, not rich in functionalities, but easy to maintain and add new functionalities.

    An introduction of my Java Web Mail can be found here:

    Source code can be found here:

    You can run the test from here: