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    i write a enterprise bean by using JB4 and deploy it in the IAS,i want to know what properties must i add in the when i create the Context of JNDI?thanks

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    Can you explain more details your problem so I can give you a suggestion!

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       thanks for your attention.
    i have write a ejb and a client to test it.i have deploy it in the IAS and run the client.class in the jbuilder4 though they can work sccussful but if i run the client with jdk like this
       java client.class
    it can't create the jndi i think that i must put some propertities into it when i create the jndi context but i don't know what the propertities must i add.
       thanks a lot
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    For your Exception, i guess that, you have not make a client jar file of your Bean, so it can't find the stub and skeleton class to find out your EJB.

    If I'm wrong, pls send the detail your Exception message.

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    hi,N.Ronal AQ
    thank you for help me,but i have create the client jar and add it into the CLASSPATH,so i still can't excute the test class successful.and it throw the Exception
    javax.naming.CommunicationException:can't find SerialContextProvider
    so can you help me? thanks
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    I want to know how to deploy the EJB's in IAS.I am using the Jdeveloper for writing the EJb's ,and from there i have an option to deploy the EJB.s in IAS. but when i start IAS, it gives me error that i do not have ORB.
    Please acknowledge me..
    my mail is Snarayan at convergsoft dot com