JavaPolis Conference (13-17 Dec) registration has started


News: JavaPolis Conference (13-17 Dec) registration has started

  1. Last year more than 950 people attended the BeJUG conference JavaPolis. With an entry fee of 200 Euro, JavaPolis is to be "the Apache of Conferences, low-cost and high quality!". The conference is held in the lovely Belgium where the beer and chocolate match the technical content!

    JavaPolis registration has started, please sign-up to register. JavaPolis is FREE for BeJUG members, but you need to register @

    There are many top speakers signed up, including:

    The following Java speakers and topics are lined-up during this years 5-day JavaPolis conference:

    Rod Johnson and Juergen Hoeller - Spring in Action
    Adrian Colyer - AspectJ in Action
    Gavin King and Christian Bauer - Hibernate in Action
    Craig McClanahan - JSF in Action
    Gregor Hohpe - Asynchronous Messaging Architectures in Action
    Robin Roos - JDO in Action
    Konstantin Beznosov - Middleware and Web Services Security
    Erich Gamma - Eclipse in Action
    Dennis Sosnoski - XML data binding
    Mary Poppendieck - Implementing Lean Software Development
    Joshua Bloch and Neal Gafter - JDK 5.0 in Action
    James Strachan and Dion Almaer - Groovy

    For the full list visit the speaker gallery.
  2. I am really looking forward to JavaPolis this year, which will be my third one. Great show every time!
    When looking through the names of the speakers you list, I noticed these were exactly the first 11 of the 12 speakers at the JavaPolis University event, in the same order, but for some reason nr. 12 fell off:
    BPEL in Action, by Edwin Khodabakchian. I am really looking forward to this one, with Edwin being the former CEO of Collaxa, a company that is generally seen as the pioneer in the BPEL space, now part of Oracle.
    Anyway to be fair to all the other excellent and famous speakers, the full list is on the website.
  3. Congrats[ Go to top ]

    Congratulations to the BeJUG team for pulling it of yet another time. Last year was awsome. This years it looks even better. I'm sure i'll enjoy it every minute.

    Regards, Tom.

    ps sandor, i hope i will be able to make up a bit for the absence of Edwin with my talk on JBoss jBPM.
  4. BPEL @ JavaPolis University[ Go to top ]

    Apologies if i did not express myself properly, Edwin will definitely be presenting at JavaPolis university :

    I just noticed he was the only one out of 12 that wasn't listed in the original message on this forum on TSS.
    BPEL is very hot right now, and it will be good to hear about this from someone who's been there for quite some time now.