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    Hi all i'm getting the following exception when trying to access a ejb from a stand alone java client.
    Ejb is deployed in ora-10g plz help me ...
    What permission shd i give for the user inorder to access the EJB ?

    NamingException: Lookup error: javax.naming.NoPermissionException: Not allowed t
    o look up java:comp/LoginBean, check the namespace-access tag setting in orion-a
    pplication.xml for details; nested exception is:
            javax.naming.NoPermissionException: Not allowed to look up java:comp/Log
    inBean, check the namespace-access tag setting in orion-application.xml for deta

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    Can't help much on this, except point you to Oracle Application Server Container for J2EE Security Guide:
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    i dont know much about oracle but usually

    the java:/ name space is for components on the server

    the / "empty" name space is for everyone

    and the java:comp name space represents the component name space

    remote ejbs sould use the "/" empty namespace in order to be accessed from remote
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    Hi Srini,

    Which user are you looking up the EJB as and have you setup any permissions for the ejbs as follows in the ejb-jar.xml?


    Make sure that your user is in the group that is mapped to the role. The role to groups mapping are done in orion-ejb-jar.xml as follows:

        <security-role-mapping name="BeanUsers">
          <group name="systimeBeanUsers" />

    And the security provider either JAZN-XML or LDAP is defined in the orion-application.xml.

    Can you try accessing the ejb as admin user and see whether you can invoke the EJB ?

    For details you can see this how to

    Debu Panda