CA announces new release of ARAD tool


News: CA announces new release of ARAD tool

  1. CA announces new release of ARAD tool (9 messages)

    CA's AllFusion Plex, a multi-platform, model-based, architected rapid application development tool, uses advanced pattern technology to automate development for Windows, J2EE and IBM i5/OS environments. It insulates developers from the underlying architectural complexities of programming standards and specifications — accelerating time-to-market while ensuring the efficiency and quality of the application development. Enhancements in AllFusion Plex r5.5 include the ability to create business logic components that can be exposed as Web services or components to .NET-based applications, the import of COM components into application designs, and the generation of RPG IV code for the IBM eServer iSeries.

    “The addition of Web services and EJBs to the already powerful capabilities of AllFusion Plex underscores CA's dedication to delivering solutions that enable developers to embrace emerging technologies while supporting existing IT environments,? said John D. Rhodes, principal architect for the Advanced Development Center of Austin (ADC of Austin), which recently worked with Indiana University Foundation and Texas A&M University's TEEX organization to develop AllFusion Plex-based solutions. “We will continue using AllFusion Plex as a strategic platform for cost-effectively providing our customers with the state-of-the-art systems they require to succeed in an information-intensive business environment.?

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    Translation :-

    It generates code from a model.

    Ian Purton
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  3. but[ Go to top ]

    Does it also auto generate the powerpoint presentation?
  4. why do they keep building these things ? do they not look at the market and see a poor response to such tools in the past ...
  5. and listen to this statement[ Go to top ]

    "We will continue using AllFusion Plex as a strategic platform for cost-effectively providing our customers with the state-of-the-art systems they require to succeed in an information-intensive business environment"

    What a big BS.
  6. and listen to this statement[ Go to top ]

    Yeah, you can tell they didn't use the bullfigher...,1042,sid%253D27374,00.html
  7. Shawn,

    "They" built this tool ten years ago (before anyone had dreamt of MDA or ARAD). It's difficult to find the right label to describe Plex - no single label can do it justice. But it's used by hundreds of companies to build thousands of business applications all over the world.


  8. Software Market and Fragementation[ Go to top ]

    Being a person that has been working in the MDA space for 5 years and a voting member for the OMG MDA Standard, I wish the Gartner Group...with the backing of IBM would stop promoting ARAD. Basically, IBM paid Gartner to create the "ARAD" (Architected Rapid Application Development), which by the way is MDA. This is IBM's trick as well as Microsoft's trick to publically endorse a standard, such as MDA, then create a lame excuse for exiting out of the standard onto their own framework. CA is following the same suite. Their product marketing people couldn't think their way out of a papersack in terms of market and product positioning if their lives depended on it. which in terms....creates confusion with internal development shops within companies. Which is displayed by some of the responses.

    The ARAD = MDA = EII = Much like Microsoft's Software Factory Frameworks will do the same thing. The key is finding a vendor or consulting firm to guide a company to adopt the ARAD/MDA/Software Frameworks. The software vendors will pleade up and down that they are different. I admit 'software generation', from the CASE Tools point of view, does have a bad stagma to it.....but the technology has gotten better and you know have control of the deployment...thanks to the PSM!!

    These Market Analysis Firms along with the vendors are as much to blame for confusing the marketplace for this technology. The confusion almost makes it impossible to make a critical decision within a company.
  9. Replying as a Plex user[ Go to top ]

    Hi Stan,
    Let me say that it´s necesary to split two issues here: MDA and Plex. (There are another one regarding handcoding versus model driven development, as seems to say the firsts replies).
    Maybe you are true regarding Microsoft (and?) IBM goals with ARAD, even though Rational have been a MDA supporter for years (Do you say that Rational does not support MDA?), but you must agree that the OMG standard grew when another tools were in the market trying to build software by means of concepts like the OMG proposed. You are restricting all efforts to the OMG initiative, which is one of them. You are right to critisize some company participating in the OMG project and doing another way by side, if it happens, but I can see ARAD as a clasification for tools that build software using an abstract model, using patterns, to generate code consistently and faster than hand coding. And let me say, be sure that Plex is able to build good software.
    By the way, I have built software (an entire ERP) as early as 1995, and, at such time, UML was a proposal, and Synon, the first owner of Plex, was an OMG member, like Sterling later, and Plex made versioning, inheritance, platform deployment (like MDA PIM), when MDA does not was born.
    Do you know Plex? It should be a good practice to know what the target of the discussion is, and it seems that some of the colleagues posting above replied as evangelists of an idea.
    Jorge Ubeda, La Serena, Chile
  10. Another Plex enthusiast[ Go to top ]

    Furthermore, I like to emphasize the superb data modelling concept of Plex, designed by Synon's founders back in the 80's. Although fully integrated in the developement process of Plex, allowing to directly implement the database objects out of it, it is a methodology in its own right. It distinguishes important subtleties, I didn't know before from any database theory. If I ever have to implement a db without Plex, I would use the Plex DM concept to do the design for sure.

    Like to mention the explicit differentiation of two foreign key relationships: 'Owned by' as possessive and therefor close relation, implemented as primary key entries vs. 'Refers to' as a more loose and flexible link, resulting in key attribute entries. Another very important issue Plex addresses explicitely is the sharing of key fractions, if two or more used foreign key relations partially have identical key fields (e.g. company#). You may share these elements by merging them or explicitely leave them seperated.

    Peter Fabel