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    Ever wonder what all of the JVM options are? Cameron Purdy found a great resource, created by Joseph Mocker of Sun.

    The document is a compilation of all the JVM options for various versions of the JVM on primarily SPARC/Solaris Platform. The descriptions for each option are taken mostly verbatim from the reference documents.

    A Collection of JVM Options

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  2. Excellent job[ Go to top ]

    This is an excellent job. The only thing that could be
    even greater would be a printer friendly version...
  3. Brilliant[ Go to top ]

    Great work! Thanks!
  4. After a long wait[ Go to top ]

    After a quite years waiting, i finally got in at least tabular(not exactly) format
    Thanks for compiling in that format

  5. Resource: JVM Options[ Go to top ]

    Great Work! Thanks a lot.
  6. Resource: JVM Options[ Go to top ]

    If any body could compiles/knows the list for IBM jdks it will be very useful for us..
  7. Other platforms.[ Go to top ]

    Other platforms like HP-UX would also add to this very nice list ... In our shop we actually do run Java on Solaris, Linux and HP-UX. And in some cases we run JRockit.
  8. Krishnakumar,

    You can find comprehensive documentation on Options and also on many other aspects of the IBM Java SDKs in the Diagnostics Guides which you can find at:

    Appendix G has the Options documentation in the 1.4.1 Java SDK, for example.


    Yours, Mike
  9. Thanks!!![ Go to top ]

    Really good job.
    Not used beyond 4-5 options. Never realized there are so many.

    Is it only me or Any one used beyond 5 options??
  10. Resource: JVM Options[ Go to top ]

    Neat resource, I thought I was familiar with most of the options ... until they went on into XX territory.

    Now all we need is documentation for all the system properties used to configure the standard libraries.
  11. Resource: JVM Options[ Go to top ]

    Thanks, this is as most have said previously a good resource. Something one have been trying to look for but just can't seems to find it.
  12. having played with XX options in jdk1.4.2[ Go to top ]

    the mileage from using XX options really depends on the type of application you're running. I ran an intensive series of benchmarks using -XX options for Tomcat a couple of years back. What i found is that for the most part, unless you really know the runtime behavior of your application with regard to heap allocation, you're better off not touching XX options.

    In most server environments, the defaults for "-server" will provide the best real-world performance.
  13. having Played with XX Options[ Go to top ]

    You are right. one should know exactly his application and its memory footprint to dare to change the XX settings, but fact is that the memory usage is optimized for the standard memory settings. At the moment you change the heap size you need also to set the XX options for an optimum GC/Runtime-Performance. And after every new milestone you have to reconsider the settings.
    So better you leave it unchanges until performance realy concerns you. At this moment get some experienced people doing the job for you. (Just give me call ;)

  14. my results[ Go to top ]

    the results of my benchmark are on tomcat's resource page for those interested. on a fairly regular basis tomcat-users ask about consultants for performance tuning, so you might want to check there.

    I resort to XX as a last resort after I've exhausted design and architectural options to performance issues.
  15. Good Job[ Go to top ]

    Very useful resource, I hope it will continuously be updated!