AspectWerkz 2: An Extensible Aspect Container


News: AspectWerkz 2: An Extensible Aspect Container

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    In this article, Jonas Bonér introduces the new AspectWerkz 2.x architecture. AspectWerkz 2.x has been designed to be an extensible AOP container where any kind of aspects can coexist ranging from Spring aspects to AspectJ aspects. The article explains why this architecture is beneficial to the Java AOP communtity and explains the benefits and drawbacks of running AOP Alliance, Spring and AspectJ aspects within the AspectWerkz Extensible Aspect Container. It concludes with performance figures.

    AspectWerkz 2.0.RC1 is already available for download here.

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  2. It seems unadvised invocation was the fastest... so I'm going to use that one on my next project....
  3. Jacob

    Unadvised invocation is the fastest but is provided as a reference. The advised version will have extra behavior provided by the advice.
    In the case of the before and after advice, it will be as efficient as hand written code. In the case of an around advice, invocation chaining is a bit consuming but it appears to a be a fixed price that will scale in a linear way with the number of advice. That s the price to pay for the underlying extra services provided by a framework.

    Anyway, it was a rant from your side, since from your blog it is obvious that performance is not your primary concern / issue towards AOP.

  4. Alex,

    this looks very intersting. I'm looking forward to check it out.