The continuous integration server - luntbuid1.1 released


News: The continuous integration server - luntbuid1.1 released

  1. Luntbuid is an open source continuous integration server which can be used to automate and manage your software builds.

    luntbuild-1.1 Release Notes

    1. Changes since version 1.0.2

    1) Build notifications can be configured to send to users
       who has checked in since last build
    2) Build notifications can be sent to MSN messenger
       besides email.
    3) Remoting API added, so that functionalities such as
       triggering build, modify project/view properties,
       search builds, get build information can be accessed
    4) A composite vcs adaptor has been added to support build
       from mutiple repositories of same of different vcs types
    5) Build can be configured to run based on user defined
       conditions, such as repository modified, execution
       result of an external command, etc.
    6) Build success judgement can be customerized, for
       example, based on return code of ant command, or
       success/fail pattern occurred in the build log
    7) Reserved values of "what to build" property of UCM
       clearcase adaptor are now surrounded with '<' and '>',
       for example "<latest baselines>" will represents to
       build against all latest baselines, while "latest
       baselines" will simply represents to build against the
       baseline named "latest baselines".
    8) "next build version" property of a view are now
       enhanced to support more flexible versioning
       strategies, such as including build date, build
       iterations, etc.
    9) "is cygwin cvs" property been added for cvs adaptor to
       get luntbuild works with cygwin cvs correctly.
    10) Extra options can be set for base or UCM clearcase
        adaptor to control behavious such as end of line modes
        for checkouted text files, etc.
    11) "convert EOL" property been added for starteam adaptor
        to control end of line modes for checkouted text
    12) "line end" property been added for perforce adaptor to
        control end of line modes for checkouted text files.
    13) Fix the bug that luntbuild can not work with cvs-1.1

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  2. Downloading Luntbuild[ Go to top ]

    I tried to download luntbuild but somehow the path to the luntbuild zip is incorrect.
  3. It is now been fixed[ Go to top ]

    I've just re-uploaded this file to fix a bug
  4. Professional?![ Go to top ]

    It would sound much more "professional" to me if the release notes, web site and docs weren't riddled with spelling/grammatical errors. Naturally, it doesn't really matter, but people tend to draw conclusions...
  5. Sorry for the grammer/spelling errors[ Go to top ]

    Sorry for the grammer/spelling errors, cause English is not my native language.
  6. bravo![ Go to top ]

    Thanks for the great tool, you guys certainly have done an excellent job. luntbuild is so easy to set up, configuring projects and builds/schedules are so straight forward, and it just works! It would be great if custom external commands can be specified as publishers, we'd like to trigger our x10 modules that control lava lamps.
  7. Sorry for the grammer/spelling errors, cause English is not my native language.

    It's okay. I'm not a native English-speaker, either. But I really recommend you get a native English-speaker to proof-read and correct your docs and stuff. Just to make a better impression.
  8. This is a good suggestion.
  9. Luntbuild is by far the most comprehensive open source CI / Build system I have ever used.

    I have worked with Cruisecontrol and Gump and they cant even compete with the power and usability of Luntbuild.

    I have joined the Luntbuild team and my first task will be to rewrite all of the text in the ui and help files.

    Thanks for a great tool guys!

    Sean Carey
  10. Maven support[ Go to top ]

    Luntbuild doesn't appear to support Maven builds, which gives CruiseControl a definitive advantage for me.