C-JDBC wins the ApacheCon Derby Code Contest


News: C-JDBC wins the ApacheCon Derby Code Contest

  1. C-JDBC wins the ApacheCon Derby Code Contest (6 messages)

    C-JDBC has won the Derby Code Contest (http://apachecon.com/2004/US/html/derby-contest-rules) at ApacheCon US 2004 (http://apachecon.com/2004/US/) !

    There were two major contributions for Apache Derby:
    - modifications to C-JDBC to support Derby cluster, thus providing performance scalability and high availability to Derby
    - complete open source stack for remote access to Derby by providing support to start the embedded version of Derby in the C-JDBC controller and use the C-JDBC driver to access embedded Derby remotely in multi-user environments.

    Documentation, configuration files and demos will be provided soon on C-JDBC and Derby web sites.

    ObjectWeb C-JDBC: http://c-jdbc.objectweb.org
    Apache Derby: http://incubator.apache.org/derby/

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    The C-JDBC will be present with a session by Emmanuel CECCHET and a tutorial by Roland BALTER

    All details at : http://www.objectweb.org/ObjectWebCon05
  3. Congratulations!

    Hey Emmanuel, great job you did. I personally found your presentation about C-JDBC at ApacheCon great. The demo was just amazing, even with a little troubleshooting that actually showed that it was a real time demo.

    You, Nicolas and all C-JDBC contributors: keep up the good job!
  4. C-JDBC sounds interesting[ Go to top ]

    This stuff looks really interesting, but I always get worried when I'm putting a new product in at a point as critical and touchy as the database. Anyone using this in production? Have you had any problems with data integrity, data loss, transactions hanging, etc?

    I think this could revolutionize the way we scale databases, but I'm not sure how much of an early adopter I want to be :-)
  5. C-JDBC sounds interesting[ Go to top ]

    I would agree.. I think C-JDBC could have some interesting functions.. I would also be interested to hear of people using it production. Especially with system/db failures, recovery from failures... levels of caching and how the tiers interact.. etc..
  6. C-JDBC sounds interesting[ Go to top ]

    There are professional support services available for C-JDBC so that might definitely give some insurance for production usage. You can contact c-jdbc-pro at objectweb dot org for more information.

  7. Congratulations[ Go to top ]

    Congratulations! I saw the C-JDBC presentation at ApacheCon 2004. I was impressed.

    Here are the slides from ApacheCon: