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News: Laszlo IDE released on AlphaWorks

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    IDE for Laszlo is a technology preview of an Eclipse-based development environment for creating, editing, debugging, and testing applications based on the LZX declarative mark-up language. Laszlo is based on LZX, which is an XML and JavaScript description language similar in spirit to XUL (XML User interface Language) and XAML ("Longhorn" mark-up language by Microsoft®).

    The Laszlo Platform is an open-source platform for the development and delivery of Rich Internet applications (see for more information) where the LZX XML mark-up is used to create the user interfaces.

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    I've found that IntelliJ w/ some customization works pretty well too. You have to register the Laszlo DTD, then it's capable of doing code completion and error marking. The one fault that I've found is that when you create custom library components, IntelliJ doesn't know what to do and so it just figures it's just another XML file w/ no DTD registered to it. Just a shameless plug for my favorite IDE :)
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    I have not tried this out, but a quick question: can this plugin provide intellisense for properties from custom Laszlo components?

    And as John noted, I had also found that IDEA with the DTD resource registered works fairly well.

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    Laszlo IDE does more than just provide intellisense like capabilities. It allows you to develop Laszlo applications in a WYSIWYG evironment.

    Gone are the days of writing LZX XML, deploying to your container, and refreshing your browser. The LZX editor comes complete with a source and preview mode, drag and drop components into source view, and much more...

    Check out the demo on alpha works.

    I'm a big fan of IDEA also, but have been using Eclipse exclusively now since early 3.0 M2 and love it. I don't think there is a plugin out there for IDEA that can do what the Laszlo IDE can... yet.
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    Here's my vote for an IntelliJ plugin!!!

    Any takers?
  6. I also vote for an IntelliJ plugin!
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    I also vote for an IntelliJ plugin!

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  9. XUL Challenge[ Go to top ]

    I'd like to see Laszlo enter the XUL Challenge so we can compare your XUL to other implementations: