MVC desgin pattern, separated user interface and logic layer, freely layout and desgine your web pages.

Apache Avalon Framework for server side module, build-in JNDI support, facility application using these server side modules.

Framework based on Apache jakarta turbine concepts web, making these turbine modules avalon pattern, implements a simple avalon framework pattern blocks containter.

Mature and advance apache modules such as commons logging, commons fileupload, commons httpclient

Thin and smart database access components.

Rich of server side modules, such as connection pool, cache, charset, i18n, template engine, dynamic data transfter validation.

Powerful search engine support, auto recognize far east launguage charset such as GBK, BIG5. smart tokenize these words. also tokenize formated text like email, url smartly

Support forum message filter

Powerful i18n support for template file or text.

Plug in pattern user authentication, easily integrate your forum to your existing web site

Effective and smart object cache support, decrise database access.

Simple and pretty API, facilates your extends forum system.

Jnix forum system, you can add a forum system to your existing web site quickly and easily.