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    Liferay has released a new version of their portal: Liferay Portal 3.0. The portal has been split into two versions: one with EJB support, and one without.
    With Liferay 3.0, we now offer two versions: Enterprise and Professional. This is a major step for Liferay because we've lowered the complexity of deploying Liferay. You can now enjoy Liferay's rich set of features without having to deploy on a fully compliant J2EE 1.3 application server. You can deploy Liferay Portal on a lightweight servlet container or Liferay Enterprise on a heavier application server. We integrated with Spring and utilized its AOP, IOC, and dynamic proxy features so that our middle tier business logic could be exposed either as simple beans or as session beans, allowing us to easily deploy to either a servlet environment or an EJB environment with minor configuration changes.

    So if you're a small company, you can deploy Liferay Portal Professional on a lightweight container like Tomcat or Jetty.

    If you're a big company and want to leverage Liferay's usage of EJBs, you can use Liferay Portal Enterprise. If you not only like EJBs but want a version that is built on top of Borland VisiBroker, then use Liferay Portal Enterprise on top of Borland Enterprise Server. Our goal is to keep you free of dependencies from any one application server or servlet container. We don't have an application server agenda like BEA or IBM. Liferay aims to be as flexible as possible without compromising on features.

    Liferay 3.0.0 allows us to please both camps: those who love the benefits and advantages of EJBs and those who hate their complexity.

    More information can be found at:

    A demo of the portal is available at:

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  2. Sun Interviews Liferay[ Go to top ]

    Naveeneth Krishnan of Sun Microsystems interviews Brian Chan, Liferay hief Software Architect, about the 3.0 release and other portal related topics.

    Check it out:

    Michael Young
  3. Created and account and..[ Go to top ]

    I created an account when using the demo, and when submitting the form I could see my new password in the URL.
  4. Created and account and..[ Go to top ]

    try entering

    as the password :)

    Also the dutch translation is hilarious!!
  5. Created and account and..[ Go to top ]

    It is OSS. So feel free to provide better translations. Or less funny.
  6. Created and account and..[ Go to top ]

    Is there any way to deploy JSR-168-compatible application to any JSR-168 compatible portal container without multi-page-step-by-step guide ?

    We delay JSR-168 support for our application primary because deployment process looks cumbersome for system administrators (who don't know java, ant, etc):

    Am I missed something ?

    Maxim Kramarenko,
    TrackStudio - Hierarchical Bug Tracking Software.
  7. The one thing that should be mentioned about Liferay is that it has been successfully deployed within multiple Fortune 500 enterprises. While its foundations were built upon small churches, it has matured to support thousands of users concurrently.

    Several Industry Analyst firms will be including it in future reports. Stay tuned...
  8. congratulations[ Go to top ]

    Congratulations. Is liferay-portal-pro-3.0.0-tomcat supposed to work right out of the box? startup.bat doesn't seem to work correctly and I couldn't find the spring jar files in the lib directory.
  9. congratulations[ Go to top ]

    It is supposed to but there is a small problem in the distribution. An empty webapps directory needs to be created in the tomcat directory.


    We'll work on getting new dist ASAP.

    Michael Young
  10. Congratulations on kicking the EJB's[ Go to top ]

    I've been running a instance of Liferay for about 9 months (

    The JBoss startup sequence is slow, and the EJB's are pretty heavyweight for my needs. But the portal itself is excellent. Glad to hear you are switching to the ejb-free lifestyle.

    Next you should consider JDO integration with your portal!

  11. Since it integrates with Spring, you should be able to add JDO support somewhat painlessly.

  12. Definitely, we're really happy with the flexibily Spring gives us, and to those who choose the deploy Liferay. Since every bean in our facade layer now goes through Spring, you can use Spring's AOP/IOC features to integrate your features on top of ours.
  13. good news[ Go to top ]

    Excellent.. The EJB's and the appserver requirement was the only thing holding me off switching from exo to liferay. (Exo has nice architecture, but just too clunky and visually unappealing out of the box.) Im also glad they are keeping their EJB version as an "enterprise" portal.
  14. good news[ Go to top ]

    congrats on the release, dropping the requirement for an EJB container was an excellent decision ;)
    I'm running through the functionality now and I'm amazed how much work you've done since I last checked it out. Keep it up and good luck for the future
  15. Instance of Portlet?[ Go to top ]

    I asked this in the last couple releases, and by the demo I think I know the answer with 3.0, but I'll ask again. Does Liferay now support the ability to create multiple instances of the same portlet?

    An simplistic example is, a stock quote portlet. On one instance of the portlet I'd like my technology stocks, and on another another category. I create two instances of the portlet and add appropriate ticker symbols to each instance.
  16. Instance of Portlet?[ Go to top ]

    Yes, we do allow this.

    For example, com.liferay.portlet.IFramePortlet.

    As long as you input this in portlet.xml with a different portlet-name then you're fine. The container sees them as different instances.

    We don't have a GUI to do it yet. It's in our plans for a future release though.
  17. Thanks, Brian[ Go to top ]

    Thanks for the answer about instancing.

    The problem with the approach you outline is that basically you have to create instances by deploying multiple portlets with the same backing code. For our use, this just won't work.

    I'd personally like to explore using liferay but this is a real blocker.
  18. Thanks, Brian[ Go to top ]

    Actually, you're not duplicating the code. You're only duplicating the registration entry in the portlet.xml

    For example, if you look at the Journal Portlet vs. Company News, they both have the same backend code, which creates article entries in the database. But different instances of the portlet are created for each portlet.xml entry.

    The same is true for Message Boards. So you can create one instance called Message Boards (with its own set of data), and another set called Forums (with its own set of data).

    This is also true for Polls and other portlets that follow this pattern.
  19. Portlet Instance[ Go to top ]

    I guess what I'm looking for is somewhat ill-defined with respect to what we're talking about here.

    Specifically, I'm wondering, is there ever going to be the ability to add more than one instance, from the user interface, of a single portlet? Forget for a second the administration capability of modifying the portlet.xml--and maybe that's the actual under-the-covers implementation. From the user's perspective, however, it's important to our application to be able to add the same portlet more than once.

    Is that a "future" enhancement that can be expected? Or is that just fundamentally not going to be supported, due to how the portlet container is implemented?
  20. Portlet Instance[ Go to top ]

    Yes, this is a future enhancement that we plan to add to a future release of Liferay. We plan to allow n instances of the same portlet on one page based on one definition in portlet.xml.

    Michael Young
  21. Portlet Instance[ Go to top ]

    The underlying architecture can support that (we designed it to be quite flexible). The GUI to do that isn't available yet, but we plan to do that for the future.
  22. Liferay Portal 3.0 Integrates with Spring[ Go to top ]

    I tried to create an account in the live demo. It threw me a NullPointerException.

    It's nice to see Orion being used though.

  23. Liferay Portal 3.0 Integrates with Spring[ Go to top ]


    I just tried it and was able to get it to work. Can you try again? Thanks.

    Yes, Orion is my favorite still.
  24. The challenge in making Liferay 3.0[ Go to top ]

    Hi Brain & Team,

    Well done on the new release.

    Is it possible for you to share on the experience of getting Liferay out of EJB and the strategy of maintaining 2 versions (Enterprise and Professional).


    PS. Nice work on Liferay Toolbar.
  25. The challenge in making Liferay 3.0[ Go to top ]

    We will be writing an article in the near future describing our migration to Spring.

    We are able to maintain two versions of Liferay Portal because the service layer is automatically generated; we don't have to write any code.

    Spring makes this even easier because we let it manage the complexity of looking up an EJB backed service or a POJO backed service.

    Michael Young
  26. what about jsf portlet?[ Go to top ]

    did anyone integrate jsf portlet with liferay?
    actually the portlet spec and jsf spec each define it's own lifecycle sou may need a special bridge to use them together..
    so the question is : does this bridge exist? or anyone have a work around?.
    please specify if u r refering to solution for the jsf RI or for myfaces as there is several incompatabilities....
  27. WSRP Support[ Go to top ]

    What is the current status of WSRP support? I see the CVS activity has been pretty good in this area.

  28. WSRP Support[ Go to top ]

    WSRP support is getting really close. We're nearly done with the producer. We're going to work on adapting the WSRP4J portlet to our code base next.

    What I'm curious about are use cases for WSRP. How is it being used right now?
  29. is a BEA and Broadvision site[ Go to top ]

    Hi Michael,

    Your website lists as a Liferay reference implementation. Where are you getting your information? Its a mix of WebLogic Portal and Broadvision. I cannot find anything that appears to be Liferay. Can you provide some URLs to the Liferay portion?

  30. is a BEA and Broadvision site[ Go to top ]

    BT is using Liferay in an internal portal system; you won't be able to see it publicly.

    Michael Young
  31. is a BEA and Broadvision site[ Go to top ]

    We worked on BT's department in the US. They use Liferay for a portal for that department. That's pretty much all I'm allowed to say due to nondisclosure agreements.
  32. Questionable[ Go to top ]

    That's pretty much all I'm allowed to say due to nondisclosure agreements.

    This is a reference that cannot be referenced? Is BT aware that they are being used as reference for your product?

    And, I have to say that your website makes it sound like Liferay powers, which would be impressive, not an internal site in the US. I assume you didn't intend to mislead, so I would recommend you change the way the reference is presented.

    My 2 cents,
  33. Questionable[ Go to top ]

    Actually, they are aware and they are referencable. I am in regular contact with their development team and reference potential clients to them about our work.

    Our goal is to provide a write up for all the companies that we use as a reference, we just haven't gotten around to detailing everything yet.
  34. Questionable[ Go to top ]

    Their site really doesn't say how it is used. And that seems to be pretty common practice. And their site says implementations - not using BT as a reference.
  35. Liferay Portal Road Map[ Go to top ]

    Mike Young just finished a write up of our product road map at:
  36. Documentation for the new 3.0 release[ Go to top ]

    Hi Brain,

    Is there any plan to publish some documentation in terms of the new 3.0 release? The one I am looking for is how to deploy a custom JSR-168 portlet to the lightweight 3.0 professional version in Tomcat 5.0. All the existing documents on your site are based on the previous version.


  37. Documentation for the new 3.0 release[ Go to top ]

    Yes, the instructions will be at the page:

    They will be very similar to what they are now, except they'll be tailored for the professional edition. We're working on the docs for it, sorry for the delay, and thanks for your patience! (We just worked on them last night and have it done, they'll be posted Monday).
  38. Liferay and CMS[ Go to top ]

    Hi Brian-

    I was wondering if you could elaborate on the upcoming CMS support in Liferay (due Q1 2005 according to the roadmap). I read a post somewhere that the plan was to integrate with Magnolia -- that true? If so, can you describe the integration, and if not, I'd be curious to learn about the details of the CMS features you're building.

    Thanks and congrats on the latest release!