Symposium Video: From EJB to Hibernate to EJB3


News: Symposium Video: From EJB to Hibernate to EJB3

  1. Symposium Video: From EJB to Hibernate to EJB3 (6 messages)

    'Mobile objects' represent persistent state but they may be serialized between different processes and detached/reattached from/to the persistence mechanism. In this talk, filmed at TSSJS 2004, Gavin King explores the problems with mobile objects, especially with respect to the persistence implementation.

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  2. Presentation slides?[ Go to top ]

    Are the slides available anywhere?
  3. i've managed to get to the NoFluffJustStuff tour the past two years. this last one, i started to wonder about a dvd perhaps with all the talks that went on that weekend. the media is cheep, and there's only a few rooms, so not bundles of cameras would be required. a small production cost maybe. just a simple menu to navigate the videos. would nfjs suffer attendance? i think it may help attendance if people could see previous shows prior to attending. they'd just have to switch it up a bit more.

    i'm just posting because i can't seem to get any of these TSS feeds to work on my linux system.
  4. Correct link...[ Go to top ]

    Would the TSS staff be kind enough to correct the invalid link to the REAL video. Perhaps, the same can be done for a Windows Media Play. Thanks.
  5. Gavin was kind of nervous, wasn't he? :)

    Great presentation. Congratulations Gavin!
  6. He was just as nervous at JavaOne. He settles in after a while - but then again with people like me haranging him I'm not surprised ;-) I'm still not convinced by the DTO argument, but at least that's been toned down in the last few months.

    - Nick
  7. Any other way to access the videos ?[ Go to top ]

    Is there any other way to access the videos ? I'm behind a firewall and cannot access these video streams. Is there an HTTP access or something similar ?