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    I am using 'usebean' tag to populate my JSP fields. How does the combobox field of the Javabean get updated with the user selection? Also i have java code in the JSP page that populates the combo box from the collection, is there any better way to do this?


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    when u say:'

    request.getparameter("combo box name")

    that time u get the value of the selection.
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    Hi Amar,

    I am also trying to do the same thing here. I want a combo box to be dynamically load the fields in it such as access the database and do a selection in it.

    If i am able to populate the Combo Box, then I can easily manage the rest like selection and other things. I am also using the Servlet, Bean , JSP concept.

    Appreciate your reply & help.

    My email address is