I followed these steps:
download j2sdk-1_4_2_06-linux-i586-rpm.bin
download eclipse-SDK-3.0M2-linux-gtk.zip
download JADE-bin-3.2.zip
download jigloo301.zip

from terminal goto the directory where you saved the j2sdk-1_4_2_06-linux-i586-rpm.bin and then run the command "./j2sdk-1_4_2_06-linux-i586-rpm.bin" and accept the licence aggrement. It will intall it to /usr/java directory. You can also use this directory for your web browser's java applet directory.
Note : Previously i have tried Jade it with j2sdk1.5 but it does not work.

extract Eclipse file somewhere in your linux filesystem (e.g. /home/Eclipse) (you can run it doubleclicking on eclipse executable file or with terminal going to its directory with "cd /home/Eclipse" and giving the command "./eclipse" . Nothing else required.)

extract JADE file somewhere in your linux filesystem (e.g. /home/jade). You will see the lib directory which contains Base64,http,iiop,jade and JadeTools jar files which we will use while running agent platform.

jigloo is an eclipse plugin which is used for designing GUIs.It is not mandatory and is not required to run JADE. Extract jigloo. Copy the "com.cloudgarden.jigloo_3.0.1" directory which is placed under plugins and paste it to the plugins directory of Eclipse where you have installed it (e.g. /home/Eclipse/plugins). You will see the jigloo option appeared when you restart Eclipse.

/******Running Agents from Eclipse*******/
I have tried the "bookTrading" example which comes with JADE-examples-3.2.zip to test my environment's configuration.

1)I have created a new project and copied the bookTrading directory to my Eclipse's workspace with its 3 java files (/root/workspace/MyProject1/bookTrading).
2)From Project->Properties->Java Build Path->Add External JARs, select the Base64,http,iiop,jade and JadeTools jar files to include to build path.
3)Run the project from Run->Run... . In the "Main" tab write "jade.Boot" to the "Main class" section. And in the "(x)=Arguments" tab write "-gui" to the "Program arguments" section to start jade with gui. Then click Apply and Run. Now your Agent environment must be started properly with a main container with the RMA gui.

4)Next step is to run Seller agent. Run the project from Run->Run... . Do not change the "jade.Boot" in the "Main class" section in the "Main" tab. Change the "Program arguments" section to
"-container seller:bookTrading.BookSellerAgent" in the "(x)=Arguments" tab to start the buyeragent (The "seller" is the name of the agent that is determined by us and "bookTrading.BookSellerAgent" is the path of the agent class). Then click Apply and Run. This will create a seller agent which is asking you for book titles and prices. You will see it will create a new container in the RMA.

5) Last step is to run Buyer agent with buyer:bookTrading.BookBuyerAgent(title1) argument in the "(x)=Arguments" tab where "title1" is the title which i gave to seller agent as the first title.

author: Mehmet KIŞ - Ege University, Turkey