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    I am looking for an open source JMS implementations.

    So far I have narrowed it down to:


    We currently run JBossMQ 3 something, and just by itself it is
    pretty slowish comparing to WSMQ.

    I tried ActiveMQ, and just with basic examples, basic set up, and Hermes I started experiencing some queue corruptions with its berkley db. (primary and secondary key out of synch?).

    So - Can anyone recommend me a Open Source JMS that you actually used in a serious production environement with good results in terms of performance, and reliability.

    Thank you,

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  2. free solution[ Go to top ]

    SUN's MQ from the SUN app server 7 and 8 PE is not opensourced, but it is totally free even for production

    documentation is free also; not like JBOSS ....
  3. OpenSource issues[ Go to top ]

    So far I found:
    - JBoss is not stand alone JMS product (will be released only in 2Q). It is part of JBoss j2EE server. It could be extracted, but ...
    - Joram doesn't:
     support HTTP protocol between Client/Server only between Server/Server. Plus it doesn't provide bootable configuration for JNDI and Server
    - ActiveMQ is OK from functional point of vew, but it is required more testing. I've seen TCP socket trashing issues during connect.
    - OpenJMS still doesn't support HTTP for client