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    I work on a large non-J2EE java codebase. Among other things, we typically write our own JDBC code and also have our own connection pool and connection object.

    I want to start using Hibernate but I can't start from scratch. I want to be able to just add a jar file to my project and use my existing connection pool. Is this easy to do? Any recommendations on how to get started or articles that deal specifically with my situation?

    The getting started docs in Hibernate talk about unpacking a large directory structure and starting with that, which is something that sounds like it would be very intrusive to my large existing codebase.


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    You can use your own configuration and database connections with Hibernate.

    To use your own database connections, pass the connection object to the SessionFactory.openSession method.


    Néstor Boscán
  3. Hi friends,

    I am a new-bie to Hibernate.

    I want to use my own Connection Pool in Hibernate just like other 3rd party tools like proxool. Can any one of you guide me about this..!

    Thanks in advance.