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    Java Launcher 2.4 has been released. Java Launcher allows you to start up apps by double-clicking class files, view Java source code and class hierarchy by right-clicking class file, creating .exe files, and executable jar files.


    (1) Launching java applications and applets by double-clicking class files in Windows explorer.
    (2) Launching java source code in text format and class hierarchy in graphic format by right-clicking class files in Windows explorer.
    (3) Creating Windows exe files for Java applications with user icon, arguments, system, user and sibling classpaths
    (4) Creating executable Jar files for Java applications with default or user manifest files

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    Does anybody know how this compares to other launchers, for example:

    I'm currently using launch4j, it's more feature rich then jsmooth, but it doesn't have a nice gui like jsmooth (which i don't mind).
  3. Jsmooth![ Go to top ]

    I have used Jsmooth a lot and it is really easy and fast. I vote for it!
  4. JSmooth[ Go to top ]

    I've also used JSmooth. Its very good...
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    Well, in theory it looks a rather useful little tool but I tried it on something quite simple and couldn't get it working. Admittedly I only spent about 10 minutes on it with my three kids screaming in the background but it seemed to behave a little inconsistently, first failing to produce an exe and then working without changing anything. Neither the exe or the "i" information on the class seemed to work, I kept getting "OutOfMemoryException: Java heap space" and "cannot find the main class".

    Again not a good test of the product but I'm willing to try again.

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    I tryed it and when i click the java launcher shortcut it says:
    "you did not install jdk, or it may be corrupted".

    Strange, i've got 3 jdk's, 1 jre and 1 j2ee, that should be enough.

    Although bit strange news announcement on theserverside, because java launcher isn't on serverside ;-)
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    I have this program and it says i need java JRE 2.4.1 to use it and i dont know how to get can someone plz help me?
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    Does Java Launcher act as an installer?
    Who can give me a comparation with Java Launcher and InstallAnywhere?
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    The most major problem I found with Java launchers: they can't generate executable (.exe/.sh) to run applications both on Windows/UNIX from the single configuration file. Even InstallAnywhere (LAX) uses different configs for each platform.

    Maxim Kramarenko
    TrackStudio Enterprise - Hierarchical Bug Tracking Software.
  10. JavaWebStart is good enough to use!
  11. Check out this thread on Java Web Start and support it; comment on it if you wish.

  12. I think Java WebStart is a wonderful piece of software. My understanding is that the primary scenario for its useage is to install Swing client applications. I'm not sure you would want to install and configure an app server or web server based Java app via WebStart would you?
  13. How about...[ Go to top ]

    Java Service Wrapper (

    Solid software.