TSS Industry Track at Aspect-Oriented Software Development


News: TSS Industry Track at Aspect-Oriented Software Development

  1. The AOSD 05 conference is pleased to announce The Server Side Industry Track. The International AOSD Conference is the premier event for aspect-oriented technologies and practices, bringing together leading developers and researchers from all over the world. The conference is being held in Chicago, USA, March 14-18, 2005.
    The industry program features:
    * Keynotes by Grady Booch (IBM Fellow) and David Thomas (Founder of Object Technology International)

    * Invited presentations by:
      - Adrian Colyer (project leader, AspectJ and AJDT)
      - Rod Johnson (founder, Spring Framework)
      - Bill Burke (Chief Architect, JBoss Inc)
      - Jonas Boner (founder, AspectWerkz)
      - Sam Pullara (EIR, Accel Ventures)
      - Olaf Spinczyk (project leader, AspectC++)
      - Gregor Kiczales (UBC, lead PARC team that invented AspectJ)
      - Ron Bodkin (New Aspects of Software)
      - Raminvas Laddad (author AspectJ in Action)
      - Nicholas Lesiecki (VMS, author Mastering AspectJ)
      - Mik Kersten (UBC, AspectJ and AJDT committer)
      - Jim Clark (Oracle Corporation) or Douglas Clarke (Oracle Corporation)

    * An Expert Panel on current challenges and opportunities for commercial use of aspect technology.

    * 10 full- and half-day tutorials on a range of aspect technology topics.

    * Exhibitions and Demonstrations of leading-edge aspect technologies, allowing attendees to meet leading tool developers, practitioners, and authors.

    * Practitioner Reports on the use of aspect technologies in industry.

    * Workshops for discussion of advanced topics and challenging problem areas.

    * Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions for informal discussions.

    * And a full research program, giving an opportunity to see the future of AOSD.

    AOSD 05 will be held at the InterContinental hotel located in the heart of Chicago's "Magnificent Mile." Complementing the technical program, there will also be a range of social activities encouraging informal discussions among peers. Early registration is now open at http://www.aosd.net/conference/. Early registration is the least expensive way to attend AOSD.05, so do not wait!
    Come learn, participate, and contribute at AOSD.05!

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  2. wish I could make it[ Go to top ]

    looks like an impressive list of speakers. I've read Laddad's book and really enjoyed it. My question is, at the end of the conference, will the speakers all sit down for a FPS death match :)