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    Hi All,

    I am in the process of designing/developing an Architecture by which I am able to integrate a standard EJB application with WAP (Wireless Application Protocol)/GPRS.

    Does anybody would have simlar experiences and can tell me the problems they faced during the implementation.


    Neeraj Gupta
    Email: neerajgupta at india dot infogain dot com

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    Hi Neeraj,

    I converted a standard EJB application with Html interface to a WAP interface. This was with the Weblogic App server. The JSP's/Servlets used to generate the XML/html were generating the XML/WML for WAP. It was pretty neat with the seperate server on a different port serving the NOkia server.

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       My name is thiruraghavan. I am working in bangalore.
    Presently i am working on one project which is a wap app.
    Here i am using the tools as wml,servlets.
    But the requirement is to use EJB also. Here when ever the req. or res. comes to the servlet it in turn should call the
    EJB part and the process should continue.
    I have less idea on this type of things.
    Now the whole flow is like this.
    WML content comes to th Servlet which uses the EJB and send the result to the Servlet and that in turnsends to the Client as WMl context.
    Can you give me idea how i want to invoke the ejb in servlet
    and what is needed to test and how.
    Send the responce to my id. thiru_11 at mailmetoday dot com
    thank you
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    Hi thiru

    In the servlet u instantiate the EJBean (Better to go for a state ful session bean) and do the rest of processing after obtaining the refernce ,as usually we do.
    In my personal project(online-virtual-shop)I've created one stateful session bean and in the servlet Init method I looked up (Context.lookup) for the bean. Then in my doGet/doPsot methods I created the bean. After creating, I used as it was normal one.I think I'm clear.Do shout if any knvms at hotmail dot com
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    Hi All,
            Iam developing UI for a unified messaging system.
    Modifying existing jsp's to make it compatible to wap. But the Nokia toolkit complains about two do tags in same card. How to work around it?

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    HI I have worked on WAP for a year or so I have used Servlets and Nokias Wap Gateway to do that.
    If you'd give some details I will surely try and HElp you
    [email protected]
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    Hi! I am a new WAP application developer and I need some help.

    My WAP application needs to send a string of characters
    to a database in the internet. Also, the date and time when the string was sent must also be stored in the database. Do you guys have any suggestions on how I can do this?

    Another thing, how can I implement security in my WAP application? Like, how can I let only users with the correct username and password to use my WAP application?

    Please let me know how can I implement these. Thanks again!

    Best regards,
    Julius A. Victa
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    Assume that You have a JSP which generates a WML page and which you can see in a WAP enabled hand phone.,

    You have to develop WML cards,which can accept a string (say thro an Input element).You now can submit this string to the Internet server by http -post (WML has http post ,form functions ..refer WML development articles )

    On the server side,when you submit this string ,you should call a servlet or another JSP,which can take ur input and read the time/date from the system parameters and then write it in to a DB table using say JDBC.

    WAP 1.2 compliant gateways support WTLS security layer which is similar to the SSL security that we have for the Web servers.

    Hope this helps..

    Nag Sankar
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    Hi Sankar

    My name is Sankar A.
    I am not able to display the bmp/wbmp image using the <img>.
    The value of the 'alt' attribute is shown in the screen.

    I am using Java Web Server 2.0 with servlets.
    Do I have to configure the Web Server. If yes how?

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    hello Sankar,

    This seems to be a problem in the MIME type configuration of your web server. Normally there would be a mime.conf file in your web server's installation directories which would contain a list of mime types that are served by your server and the corresponding applications that can process them. You might want to add the bmp/wbmp Mime type to that file.


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    Hi .,

    As Uday Kumar has pointed out, You need to set the MIME types in your web server.

    Take a look at the information in the following web site link>WapFaq |-->Developer related questions
                              |--> Graphics

    Hope this helps.

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    Decouple the presentation logic from Business logic using JSP.To talk to the WAP gateway , you need to deliver the output from your server as WML(Wireless markup language).

    You can adopt two methods.First one is that you can write JSP to so that it generates WML directly which is then passed to the WAP gateway[Instead of HTML]

    The second method is that you can generate the output from JSP in XML format. Then you can apply XSL/T (Style sheet) templates to convert generated XML to WML.IBM Lotus XSL processor,Cacoon are some of the good XSL processors.

    The second approach would be better, if you need to change the output format to HTML or cHTML (iMode)or say XHTML in your project later.This enables re-use during a change.

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    You might want to take a look at IBM's Transcoding Server. I'm evaluation it for a similar project and it looks very interesting.

    Here's a URL
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    hi there,
    What is WAP , would u please elaborate on this. I am new to this field but iam keen on integrating ejb with wap and all other new technologies.

    Neeraj please help me

    Thanx in adv.

  15. hi satender,
    as u r new in the field of WAP you better visit the sites and

    hope this will help
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    Hi All,

    I've been working on J2EE technologies (EJBs, Servlets, JSPs, JDBC etc.) for quite some time, and I'm interested in WAP, though I'm new to WAP.

    I would like to know more information about the setup required to develop WAP applications. I mean, from resource point of view, what is required. Even if I'm able to develop apps, how am I going to test it. Will I be able to test those apps using my WAP enabled mobile phone? What are the software do I need to have to test the WAP apps?

    Please help me.

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    Hi Sajid,

    To know what WAP is all about and further understand its details ,I suggest that you first visit the following web sites which has got excellent information.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi Sankar,

    Thanx for the links. They seem to be very useful.

    But I still have one question. Lets say I want to do WAP app development and testing at my work place. What I would like to know is what is required. I mean what h/w and s/w? How can I test my app with a mobile phone?

    Thanx in advance.

  19. i have heard that some simulators are available from Nokia or Motorola where you can simulate or emulate a real time situation. Once I saw an emulator where some demo was given. People are mostly using this kind of emulators for develoment because of the absence of WAP infrastructure.
  20. Aniraban,

    In the absence of the WAP infrastructure, You can use the's WAP simulator at . You need to register yourself with them.


    Neeraj Gupta
    Email: neerajgupta at india dot infogain dot com
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    You can download Nokia or WAP Server emulator.
    This comes with a WML Browser and Editor.

    But you have to generate the WML Content using JSP/Servlets or using ASP.There are a couple of good articles on How to do this - in the Javaworld web archives.


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    You can use JSP pages to prepare presentation. If you would like to build multichannel application (presentation on different platforms) consider using XML as a format for passing data between application logic and presentation. In my project case, we were using XSL processor at servlet/JSP level to transform XML into WML, HTML and some other formats. XML is also usefull if you consider to extend your B2C application to B2B solution (i.e. to communicate with other systems, not only user devices).

    JSP's and servlet should not contain application logic. Instead they should communicate with stateless session beans layer.

    In our project we were using WebLogic app. server,
    Xalan XSL engine, Xerces XML parser.


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    Hello Neeraj,
    Actually I'm developing a wireless application where I'm using JDOM parser for generting the XML thru data from database and with the use of SAX and LOTUS parser I'm generating the WML with different set of XSLs, depending on the type of browser device where the request is coming from. Uptill now during developmentwhile we're testing the things on simply servletrunner.exe We're using JDK3.0, JSDK2.0, Servlets as server side components and stored procedures for backend(Oracle 8.0) transaction. Now we've to deploy all these stuff on WebSphere. Would u please guide me as how to proceed. Thanks a lot in advance.

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    Hi Neeraj
    The architecture would be rather simple.
    I am not to familiar withthe EJB part (still new to it)but on the other hand here is what u should be looking at
    Quesion first
    1) do u have only one client in mind say only the Cellphones or other devices too.
     if u have only cell phones inmind then write all your code either in JSP or in Servlets and WML,REASOON this speeds up the communication betweenthe client and the server
    dont bother with XML her just use plain WML

    if ur looking for design it'll be in ur mail box soon
    Answer the question first