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    I just have a query on deploying EJB's. When working with 1,2, even 10..EJB's it is acceptable to use the deployment descriptor that ships with the J2EE..however what do we do when we have 500 EJB developed.??? do we have to do that manually for each one..??? this is a nightmare. Any ideas anyone.?? I was thinknig of writting a little java file that will generate the deployment descriptor XML for me.

    Anyone any Ideas... or URL's to such smart tools..?? for exmaple a tolls that can parse a directroy structre and create a simple descriptor file which then requires little work to add the EJB specific refernces, names,icons,resources..etc.

    thanks... a lot

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    Have a look at Orion at tools
    or JOnAs open souce ejb Server they are both free
    Orion-I am using is definitly worth a trial
    JOnAs seems to have even better tools but I am not sure of its performance
    Good luck