ILOG released JRules 5.0 to the web today. The major features for this release focus on tools to improve collaboration between business users and IT. There are enhancements to the rule management, collaboration, enterprise integration, and a web based rule builder.

The major new features for developers are:

Business Rule Execution Server:
A set of J2EE components for deploying, managing, monitoring and executing business rules. The BRE Server exposes its management model through JMX for easy integration with 3rd-party OA&M tools.

SCC Integration:
The file-based repository for business rules has been redesigned to make it much easier to check into a source code control system. The JRules Builder tool now includes a plugin for CVS so you can easily checkin, checkout etc. rule projects directly from the Builder.

BR Studio:
The BR Studio Eclipse plugin now runs on Eclipse 3.0 and allows you to cross-debug Java code and rules from within the same debugger and debugging session.

You can read the full press release at: