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    Let's face it, in most organizations it is not just C# nor just Java, it is a combination of both.

    For example, most of the major financial institutions keep Java (or C/C++) on the server side, and C# on the client side, where they do not need cross plateform support.

    Here comes the problem of interoperability. I am surprised to find few solutions to solve the interoperability issues of these 2 major languages (Java/C#), even fewer open source ones.

    So what are you guys using to bridge the two worlds ?. JMS implementations seems to be flaky. Web services are awkward for bidirectional communications, for example to send back messages from the server back to the client, say to notify the client of the progression of a request (to update a progress bar for example, or display a feedback to the user).

    Looks like plain old TCP/IP with a custom protocol is the way to go, but then it does not give us reliabililty, fault tolerance, industrial strenght quality of service.

    I'd like to have your opinion on this...


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    If the server will be implemented in Java and the client in C# I would consider CORBA/IIOP.NET:


    I did a little playing with that combination some time ago and it seems to work quite fine.

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    Hi Sebastien……….

    My client a top tier Investment Bank in Greenwich, CT is looking to hire an individual to support and rebuild various risk systems used primarily by the Risk Management Group. The systems are primarily built in C++ on a Unix platform, but they may want to move these systems to C#. The person hired will report to the financial engineering group, but will spend half their time sitting with risk management. He will work primarily with one other person (PHD) within the financial engineering group, who is out on long-term leave due to an injury. This person will be expected to learn and understand risk from a users point of view and will occasionally work with the users as one of them. Position affords a lot of independence as well as an opportunity to learn risk concepts from the user's perspective. This is a fulltime position and total comp could possibly be between 150-200k but again that would depend on the individual.

    The preferred skill sets are:

    BS Computer Science or Engineering.
    Knowledge of risk systems
    Sebastien..if you have any interest please bounce me back an updated resume and I will give you a call to follow up.


    Perhaps you could forward my contact information over to someone you may know who is in the market if you have no interest.



    Lori McKissic
    RSW Executive Search
    316 Eisenhower Parkway
    Suite 102
    Livingston, NJ 07039
    Office Phone: (973)-994-9430
    Fax #: (973)-833-0373
    Email: lmckissic@rswjobs.com
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    Use Hessian (http://www.caucho.com/hessian/).

    That's what I am using to communicate between Java server and .NET client.


    Artem D. Yegorov
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    You actually have a working setup where complex and/or custom objects are messaged between C# and Java using Hessian ? Couldn't find the website reveal much about interoperability. Did you have to write code to marshall/unmarshall custom types ? Regards, Matt