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    pls give me
    the Difference between FrameWork and DesignPattern
    relation between FrameWork and DesignPattern
  2. A framework is a reusable, ``semi-complete'' application that can be specialized to produce custom applications as described by
    Ralph Johnson and Brian Foote.

    As the definition says, a frame work is a semi complete Application .For eg we have Struts Framework which is used as a base for many custom applications

     A Design pattern is not an application but is a solution to a commonly occuring design problem.We can use a Pattern to avoid some of the possible design draw backs in the application being designed. These patterns can be used by all applications( including frameworks to make the application robust )

    The Struts Frame work which is Based on MVC model uses patterns like "Front controller" etc in its design

    Hope that it clarifies ur doubt
  3. pls give methe Difference between FrameWork and DesignPatternrelation between FrameWork and DesignPattern

    See Ralph Johnson's classic paper, Frameworks = Components + Patterns
  4. I understood the difference between Framework and Design pattern. But what is the difference between Framework and service? Can I call Log4j is a service or framework. I have developed components such as File Upload, Auto E-Mailer and Search for my website. So Should I call them as services?
  5. I think the things which you are mentioning are services because the definition of the services is "work done by one person or group that benefits another;".log4j is a service which provides the logging service to your applications.

    If we talk about the differences between the service and the framework, the service can be used directly to see the results but in the case of framework, you have to extend it to see the results. Framework is a skeleton you have to put skin on it to make it live.